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Molly's Country Memories

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

We need the Lighthouse...

Welcome to Praise and Worship Sunday

I have always loved the old song Lighthouse, mainly because it was one of my Mom's favorite and we grow up listening to her sing it. But more now because of the sweet meaning behind the words.....And I do thank God for The Lighthouse, he's all the world to me, for if it wasn't for the Light house where would my soul be.

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Be sure and scroll down and turn off my music to listen to this great song. In this time of trouble we need this oldLighthouse, now more than ever.

Have a great Sunday and Good Bless.


  1. Morning Mrs. Molly!
    Oh,that song is a favorite of our's!
    Didn't Vestel do a version of that too?
    We had a gal at church that could flat raise the hairs on your arms when she'd sing!!!!
    That is one she'd do too.....
    DH is a big Southern Gospel fan....I love it too, but I also like the contemporary style as well!
    My DH's mom sings/plays piano in her own group with her two sisters...these ladie's do a great job and the youngest sister is 65 and the eldest is nearly 80!!
    Isn't that just the coolest?!!
    They have a little lady friend that plays the guitar with them and I'd say she's probably in her 70's..... :) What an inspiration they are!

    LOL!!! While I'm typing this comment...DH has just come in the LR and turned some music on....sounds like the Mckamey's...we've seen them in person before....also the Easter's, The Crabb Family, The Bishops,The Perry's and soooo many more....we like Doyle Lawson too...
    he's VERY Bluegrass....Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver have actually been to our former church before.....Do you like Bluegrass?

    Better go eat a bite of breakfast and get ready for church....the archery kid's for the school DD shoots with and their families have been invited to a little country church for a special service and dinner following the preaching....I need to go get my coconut pie ready....
    Have a blessed day my friend!!!

  2. Halloo and a happy Sunday to ye! Hope yer day in Mississippi is as pretty as mine in West Texas!

  3. I have heard that song before....great message. :) Such a nice memory for you of your Mom singing. :)

  4. what a great song! where would we be without the Lighthouse? thank you for sharing this song and memory with us today!!

  5. The oldy, but a goody! I hadn't heard this in a long time, thanks for posting it.


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