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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My Memories for Wednesday

I had planned on showing my Vintage hankies on Vintage Thingie Thurs. but decided to use them for Memories Weds.
Mom had to fold and wear these in her pocket when she worked at the Inez Coffee shop, each day the ladies wore a different matching color to give a little life to their white uniforms. I did had a picture of all the ladies all dressed in their uniforms and wearing matching hankies, but have missed placed it, will try to find it for another post.
A little Brookhaven History If you click on the pictures you will get a better view of a grand old lady.....
Here is a picture of the Inez when it was first built, this picture was taken in the early 1900, front view, the Railroad set right across the street and it served as lodging for travelers going to or from New Orleans to Mimphis
This was about 20 yrs later notice the more elegent on was a Grand old Lady Notice the dirt
This is what she looks like today. She is no longer a Grand Hotel, but was converted to high end apartments and the coffee shop is now a Lunch time only Restaurant. The trains still run but don't need an over night rest stop, when it leaves Memphis it can reach New Orleans in just a few hours...
Here is a picture of Mom all dressed up in her uniform ready to go to work. You can't really see the hankie in her pocket in this picture.

Well I hope you enjoyed my Memories Weds. offering and a little look at my town past and present.
Hope everyone has a great day.


  1. How nice to have that history in your family.

  2. Super - really enjoyed seeing the changes in the building over the years. We have some things like that in Grand Rapids - old factories that have been re-modeled into night spots for entertainment, or factories that are now high-end apartments or condos. I hate to see things torn down - esp when they were landmarks back in their day. Better to see them retain their original architecture and gargoyles, and made into something we can all use and appreciate the looks of.

  3. Very interesting post and pictures☺

  4. *sigh* I miss the trains...

    The Inez ended up still a gracious old lady...I like to think of all the busy lives inside, so much better than to see a sad, dark old can't beat the lovely touches they used to put in buildings like the Inez, they don't even do woodwork and such like that anymore...

    The hankies sure are pretty -- your mom looked very professional in her uniform! Did you iron for your mom? I did all the ironing at my house...started out standing on a chair to reach the ironing board...

  5. Thank you for the peek into your memories Molly!

  6. Molly .... so glad to come back and see you posting away. loved this mornings story :) Hope things are going OK for you
    Terry S

  7. These posts that you do are just wonderful!
    Hankies used to be an accessory and something to blow on!
    How neat that the building is still being used, and still serving in the coffee shop. I'd love to go there. Always loved trains. Was lucky enough to take two train to NYC, from Indiana. And one to Philadelphia from Indiana. Was great fun, and an experience to remember.
    Bet your Mom was a hard worker, and tired by the end of her shift.

  8. Your blog is so inviting Molly!!


  9. I love trips down Memory Lane. And I could stay here all day listening to your music.

  10. Can't believe you talked about pocket hankies! I was going to google that the other day to see how to use hankies making a pocket corsage! Very nice post. :)Nancy @mycraftylittlepage

  11. That is so cool. I love vintage hankies :)


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