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Monday, March 23, 2009

Scrubbed kitchen and painted assesories...

Today I decided I wasn't going to sit around and just think about deep cleaning my kitchen. What the heck, it don't look like I'm going to see the Dr anytime soon and life goes on. I'm tired and hurt wheather I work or sit, so I decided to work. If I'm going to hurt at least I'll have a reason, no just washing dishes and sweeping today. I started off, taking everything off my counters and loaded the dish washer, then I went to work. I scrubbed counters, and cabinets, back splash, all the appliances, washed windows and sorted through my nit-nats and stored room for new ones. Then I washed all of the stuff sitting out and polished the china cabinet. Last I scrubbed the kitchen floor good and when it dried I added a nice coat of feels so good and smells fantastic...of course I won't be able to get out of bed in the morning, but if I can look out living room and den...your next...while I was waiting for the floor to dry the first time, I decided to paint a couple of items to kinda up date my kitchen. I painted the grease can and the knife block to match my match box holder sitting on back of my stove.

From this to......

To this....
my knife block, I was using but it was in need of a make over....
This is were they are sitting now....
DH, built all of my cabinets 8 yrs ago when we redid the whole kitchen. I did the painting on the tiles and behind the stove...

This is a corner cabinet DH built for me 36 years ago. It was made of oak and stained, but when we remodel I painted it to match my table and painted a big hen on the bottom doors. He also made the little stool for Lance 28 yrs ago. I will never repaint it...He loved Donald Duck. He would store his little toys in the compartment under the seat.
OK, I need to take some pain releif meds and head to bed have alot to do tomorrow.
Weds. I will be giving a demo on how to paint my snowman glasses and make their little hats.......Night all.


  1. I am just in awe of your gift. Both pieces turned out just beautifully. Sure hope that you're feeling better this evening and getting the rest you need. Happy spring, Lea

  2. you are so talented!!!! it all turned out wonderfully...I agree...if you are going to hurt anyways...may as well have a reason for it! You did a wonderful job!

  3. Kitchen sure looks spic and span!

    LOVE those roosters, girl! Yer a talented painter! I can't believe the backsplash you created, that's "awesome" as the young folks say...

    I'm going to be glued to yer blog when you show how to paint those glasses....

  4. You sure had a lot of energy - what a day! Love your rooster paintings! Beautiful - you are very talented, woman!

  5. Well you got a LOT accomplished .... Bravo! Love the roosters as always and the kitchen looks mahvelous!

    Video sounds like a tremendous idea!


  6. You did a great job! Love the roosters! Hope you can move tomorrow. Warm wishes, Esther


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