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Molly's Country Memories

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blue Monday...sweet little dresses and their owners....

It's blue Monday over at Smiling Sal's place come on and join us...Today, I wanted to show some little outfits my DIL sent pictures never stops amazing me what folks will put on their poor little Lee hates to be dressed up....
Sighhhh, Poor bought Chi-Chi a sweeter for Christmas a couple of years ago, the look she gave me was priceless, She went and got in her bed, later she came out of my room with out it on,....hummm, wonder where it was ????..... in her bed tore to peices, she was trying to tell me something?
That is my Blue Monday offerings. I hope you enjoyed them. For more Blue Monday Posts please visit Smiling Sally by clicking here.

Sunday Favorite Re-run...Cleaning and painting Roosters

It's time again for Sunday Favorite Re-runs, a new Meme hosted by Chari over @ happytodesign It is so much fun to go back and re-run some of my favorite post.
This is a post that I did back on Monday March 23, 2009

Today I decided I wasn't going to sit around and just think about deep cleaning my kitchen. What the heck, it don't look like I'm going to see the Dr anytime soon and life goes on. I'm tired and hurt wheather I work or sit, so I decided to work. If I'm going to hurt at least I'll have a reason, no just washing dishes and sweeping today. I started off, taking everything off my counters and loaded the dish washer, then I went to work. I scrubbed counters, and cabinets, back splash, all the appliances, washed windows and sorted through my nit-nats and stored room for new ones. Then I washed all of the stuff sitting out and polished the china cabinet. Last I scrubbed the kitchen floor good and when it dried I added a nice coat of feels so good and smells fantastic...of course I won't be able to get out of bed in the morning, but if I can look out living room and den...your next...while I was waiting for the floor to dry the first time, I decided to paint a couple of items to kinda up date my kitchen. I painted the grease can and the knife block to match my match box holder sitting on back of my stove.

From this to......

To this....
my knife block, I was using but it was in need of a make over....
This is were they are sitting now....
DH, built all of my cabinets 8 yrs ago when we redid the whole kitchen. I did the painting on the tiles and behind the stove...

This is a corner cabinet DH built for me 36 years ago. It was made of oak and stained, but when we remodel I painted it to match my table and painted a big hen on the bottom doors. He also made the little stool for Lance 28 yrs ago. I will never repaint it...He loved Donald Duck. He would store his little toys in the compartment under the seat.
OK, I need to take some pain releif meds and head to bed have alot to do tomorrow.
Weds. I will be giving a demo on how to paint my snowman glasses and make their little hats.......Night all.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday night, and a sneak preview, and a visit from an old friend

It's been a long hard week for me, both girls have gone home for the week-end, I love them both dearly and will be glad when I can spend more time doing things with them...maybe next week I'll have the bath done and can take them to lunch one day. Marissa and I took Morgan to her softball game last night, while her Mom took Redman to his game, their Daddy had to work. We really enjoyed the game Mo-Mo's team won, first game all year...Mo-Mo got up to bat 2 times and hit and got on base both times, she came home the first time and got stranded on base the second time. She's going to be our better ball player.

I have finally got the bathroom painted and just need one more coat on the trim and cabinets. I had the Home Deport match a paint color to a rug that I'd picked out. I had planned on doing it 2 colors, light sage above a chair rail and a darker sage below it...but didn't like that look at all so I painted it all light sage and the trim, shelves and cabinets, linen. I plan on using lament hardwood flooring in there, I can't wait to get everything back in and the medicine cabinets hung up and the flooring down......
This is the rug that I used to choose my colors from, the wall is the color that is in the middle section.
The trim and the cabinets match the off white of the towels
I am so aggravated, I have taken a dozen pictures but can't get a good picture of what the color really looks like...maybe when I get it all put back together and get the natural light, it will look better but in the mean time here is a preview of what it looks like

Tuesday night Rissa and I came home from watching Connor play ball, and when we drove up we had an old friend come by to visit.....well let me rephrase that..DH had an old friend come by to can tolerate this old friend as long as he doesn't touch me...Uhgggg...can you see him,

when we drove up he was up on the side of my carport laying in the cracks of the brick, I called DH to come out and get rid of it, well he talked to it like a long lost friend...conversation went like this..."well, hello old buddy, glad to see you, where you been so long...(no reply) just eased his way down the wall, time I got my camera he was already down the side and on his way to the ground......Rissa thought he was beautiful, I thought he was a SNAKE and yes, he was a King so he was allowed to go on his merry long as he don't get to close to me he will be allowed to hang around....We had one King that came to our pump house for 7 yrs straight. He got so big. When he came out in Spring he always let me know he was there by , hanging down from the rafters over my washing machine when I came in, needless to say DH washed clothes for a feww months till he went back into hiding for the winter. I really do like having a King around the house (outside, I should say) cause he keeps other snakes away.

Went to the Dr Tues and got a good report. Go back next Weds for Mamogram and a change in my Thyroid meds.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Favorite Famil Foto...11th Birthday

It's Family Foto Friday again, Deborah at is hosting Favorite Family Foto. You get to see lots of family photos, hop on over and check them out.
Today my pictures are of Redman's 11th Birthday party last year. His Mom and Dad let him invite his 2 best friends (twins) over for a swimming party and then a trip to a Mississippi Braves Game that night.
Here are some pictures they took.

Needless to say they had a ball. He's already asked his Dad how was he going to top that this was joking, he just wants to have a swimming party with the twins again. They moved last fall to Madison and he misses them terribly.

You can tell I was half asleep last night when I posted this...I forgot to mention the guy in the picture with them is an Atlanta Braves' player who had come down to the MS Braves to get his batting back on track or something like that. And this was his last game with the MB before he went back to Atlanta, I don't remember his name but I know the boys won't ever forget him, he was so nice to them.

Don't for get to check out the other Fotos.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wordless Weds. Salt and pepper

It's wordless Weds over at Dixie's Place. Today the word i salt and pepper.....

Go by and see Dixie for a list of people who have joined in or to join yourself

Good Morning are ya....

As for me, I just want ya to know it's gonna be a long month. This week started off with a bang, we were expecting Ronnie and his family down for a Bar-b-que and to bring Marissa to stay for a month. DH got the ribs and everything smoking on the grill. Then had to go back to bed, he had one of his bad headaches. Everyone got here about 6 and we had a good time, except for DH who had to get a knock out shot.
This morning my little one has been on a tear, didn't want to take her meds and has really been agitated, hiding to keep from taking meds......I am suppose to leave her with Moo-Moo and her Mom while I go to my Dr's appointment but have had to threaten to make her go with me if she doesn't straighten up. I pray once her meds kick in she will be better for Lori's sake.
I go to Dr today, Dh goes Thurs. We have 2 ballgames tonight, 1 at 7:00 and 1 at 8:00. I will keep both girls to morrow and tomorrow night and all day Thurs. and take Morgan to her ballgame Thurs evening at 5:15, besides I'm still trying to paint bath room. and the color just isn't what it is suppose to be so have to take it back to Lowe's for a remix...Aghhhhhh
If you don't hear from me by Friday...CALL OUT THE CALVERY......

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blue Monday on Memorial Day

It's Monday and that means it's Blue Monday over at Smiling Sal's place,
Being that today is Memorial Day, I decided to honor our Militery Men and Women

That is my Blue Monday offerings. I hope you enjoyed them. Please leave comments, I love to hear what everyone thinks, even if it's bad. For more Blue Monday Posts please visit Smiling Sally by clicking here.