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Monday, May 11, 2009

Blue Monday

It's Monday and that means Blue Monday over at Smiling Sal's place. I have really been in a slump lately as what to post, seems I'm kinda run down and my mind just doesn't want to co-operate...not to mention my power and is bad AGAIN, in our area and my Internet is playing hide and seek...

A few of my porcelain Angels who have blue on,

A few of my porcelain Ladies

A couple of my music boxes And my favorite little bear, That BB brought me back from Vegas when he and my DIL spent a week there for their 1st Anniversary.

That is my Blue Monday offerings. I hope you enjoyed them. Please leave comments, I love to hear what everyone thinks, even if it's bad. For more Blue Monday Posts please visit Smiling Sally by clicking here.


  1. Yes, I loved your blues. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

  2. I look forward to seeing your Monday posts.

    Figurines are a favorite here at Hospitality Lane. Yours are very pretty.

    Have an awesome Monday.

  3. How pretty. What nice figurines. Love your cat.

  4. Beautiful angels. I agree the teddy is so cute.

  5. You have beautiful angels. Love the teddy bear!!

    Happy Blue Monday

  6. lovely!!

    Happy Blue Monday.


  7. The blue lady figurine, with the straw hat on and the long swirly dress, is just GORGEOUS!!!

    I don't know why people say they feel "blue," because to me, it's a very calming and happy color, like blue skies...!!! Your figurines and teddy bear are very cheerful!

  8. I loved your blues. They are really lovely. Have a happy Blue Monday.

  9. We all need some angels in our lives and yours are precious.

  10. beautiful angels! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Happy Blue Monday ~ Susan

  11. Wonderful blues! Happy Blue Monday!


  12. So many great blues! Have a wonderful week!

  13. Molly .... I'm so behind (keep going away for a few days) Love your blue bear ... what a great memory piece :)

    Went back to read and LOVED hearing all about Dean .... and your Mom's pics too.


  14. Hi sweet Molly dear .
    I am behind on my visits ,
    we had server problems in our area again .
    Happy Blue Monday to you .
    What a fantastic group of Pictures for Blue Monday.So many wonderful things to see.
    You are always so creative .
    The little bear was so sweet .
    Thank you for sharing .
    Have a blessed week.


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