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Molly's Country Memories

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Awards and thank yous, plus a little break notice...

First and most importantly I want to thank Leah for these great awards, I really love to visit this lady, she reminds me so much of myself at her age. Leah, you will never know how much these awards mean to me, especially at a time like this....I will try to pass them on when I am able to get back to posting..

Second I want to let my Dear friends who have been with me from the first of my adventure in to this land of Blogging, that I will be taking a little break, not by choose, I will go kicking and screaming into the land of empty computer screens.

I know most of you know that a few weeks ago I had pneumonia, and staph throat, well Tues morning I work up with a small headache and my right eye swollen shut, I just put a cold rag on my eye and took something for the headache, no problem..RIGHT...WRONG...I woke up this morning with my eye itching and swollen shut and not feeling well, so back to my second home I went...I am so sick of being sick...anyhow to make a long story short, I have a sever sinus infection with staff that had somehow made it's way to my eye...Dr said I might have sneezed or rubbed my nose and then not thinking rubbed my most of you know I am terrified of taking staff again, after the terrible bolt I had with my knee 6 yrs ago. To say I nearly died would be an under statement, 6 mos on antibiotics , the first 3 flat of my back after the emergency surgery, with DH giving me drips 3 times a day.

He told me I needed to let my eye rest as much as possible, that means only 4 hrs a day watching TV or working on computer or cooking. he wants me to sleep so he gave me meds to help do that.

I promise I will check and leave comments when I can. but it puts too much strain on my eye to spend an hr at a time doing these things.

I have my VTT already scheduled so it will be here, but if I don't comment I am sorry. I love reading all of your great blogs, but I know what staff can do and I will be doing what the Doc said.

Got to run getting sleepy...don't forget the Terminator said..."I'll be back"


  1. Please feel better soon Molly. Take care of you first and we'll be here praying for your recovery.


  2. I hope you get over this infection really soon. Take care of yourself!

  3. Take care of yourself sweet Molly. I will
    keep you in my prayers.

  4. Molly, I hope that you will soon be healed and back adding to the fun of blogging. You will be missed.

  5. Your blogs started my day off with a smile Molly ... so I will be waiting for your return :)
    Follow those dr's orders now!

    Hugs on the way

  6. I hope your convalescence is much faster than you think!!!

  7. Molly please take good care of yourself.
    Will be waiting for your return. Please, follow the Doc orders and get well.
    Blessings to you......8-) :-)

  8. Yes, follow the doc's orders - and get well SOON!

  9. We won't forget at all - I really hope you get better, it all sounds so awful. I hope our little blogs can give you some cheer in this difficult time.

    Bestest wishes and look forward to your return


  10. Molly,

    Oh my goodness, you better do EXACTLY what the Dr. says and take care of yourself! Staph is not anything to play around with! We all understand why you won't be on...just take it easy and rest that eye and let your body heal too! I'll be praying for you DEFINITELY!


  11. Hi Ms. Molly,

    OHHHH!!!!!! I'm so sorry!!!!!! I hope you feel better soon!!!! I'm praying for you!!!!!

    Congrats on the awards!!!!!

    Love and blessings,

  12. Sweet Molly....I pray for you to heal quickly so you can be back with us as soon as possible!
    I'm praying for ya, my blog pal!!!

    Take Care,

  13. Molly! Good grief! Take care of yourself. If you get a chance, email me your snail mail address as I have something I want to send you. Will explain later.

    Get better soon!

  14. What awful news, honey. These horrible germs, it is just ridiculous how they can get into a person and make so much mischief and misery.

    Of course no one will forget you and everyone will be waiting for you to get back to posting, you just brighten up the web and I don't like to think of the bloggie world without you in it.

    Tell yer hubby to keep his darned eyes peeled for Chi Chi getting out of the house, I remember your story of when you were so sick and she and you both almost didn't make it.

    Well I'm still shocked at this news. Just GET WELL and SLEEP like the dr says.

  15. Molly darlin' you have to take care of yourself first and foremost! We aren't going anywhere without you! Good heavens, your wonderful stories, and creative painting is so much fun, and you have such a wonderful sense of sharing yourself. You're very dear to all of us, you should know that you ol' silly!
    Take care, rest up, hang in, and God bless!
    We'll check on you, and rest, rest, rest!

  16. Oh my goodness, Molly! I'm so sorry to hear that you are going through this and I'm glad you are listening to the doctor, as hard as it may be, for you. I just finished praying for you. Get well soon! :)


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