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Molly's Country Memories

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Praise God and thanks for all the prayers....

Just a quick post to let everyone know how much I appreciated your prayers for Connor's test. God heard our prayers and the test came back good, it appears it was his meds the Dr had given him for a sinus infection that had cause the Murmur. He is released and read to play sports...yea Redman...

Friday's Family Foto Stampede...get out of the way.

Deborah over at is hosting Favorite Family Foto. You get to see lots of family photos, hop on over and check them out.....

Today I have a sad story to tell you about a very sweet loving boy I cherish very much, but alas we all have our hidden secrets and I'm afraid his is an addiction, suffered by many from the Great state of Louisiana, it's called sad how this terrible addiction can cause a sweet loving young man like this...see how sweet and normal he looks.....sign, just breaks my heart...giggle..sorry .....turn into well you'll see....giggle....

It all started years ago as a young lad, he was giving a taste of the sinfully "good"..bugs and there was no turning back,
just the smell of these aromatic little buggers can turn this sweet little boy into Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde uh, oh he's caught a whiff of the aroma and he's off and he's gone.....
What ever you do, don't get between him and this...this..this ...hummmmm


So good, so good... he is in heaven right now...but will it be worth it when he wakes in the morning with only a memory left...hummm,
Even Big Hilda/ aka/ Granny isn't even safe...
when he gets a whiff of his love, his main reason for being...what has these little bugs from South LA done to my sweet loving little boy...Oh, the shame...but worst of all he didn't even save me any, there just isn't any honor among thieves any more...Bwahahahahaha.
Hope you enjoyed my picture of my "sweet" Grandson and his little addiction....
PS doesn't he look alot like the kid kissing the,my, ...but it's not

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How to avoid the swine flu....

CDC Warning: ***DO NOT DO THIS!!!*

Oh, yuck

Vintage Thingies Thursday

Hello, y'all, it's Thurs. already, lordy where does the time go...ok, ok, I know....I've slept most of this week away, sigh, better than sitting around miserable cause this crud kept me from going on my retreat. Our Group should be headed back about right now. Can't wait to talk to them and find out how this trip has blessed them. I did get some dreaming and planning to get well enough to do the actual work. I did do a little painting last night, No, not spray painting or fine line work painting, but I did paint some picture frames...but...that's another post all together. Will tell you about it later and show pictures.........
Today is Vintage Thingies Thursday over at ColoradaLady's homestead, so be sure and check out all the great treasures our great group has to offer.
Today my items are glass ware that I have collected, now this is just a tiny selections of my favorites.
The first set is 9 beautiful stemmed Aqua glasses my sweet Sister bought me for my Birthday about 7 yrs ago. We saw these at a Vender's Mall and I just fell in love, don't have a thing to match them, but she slipped around and bought them for me...I just love this Girl, she's my best friend, mother and Sister...

You really have to look close to see all the beautiful detail in this glass I tried to get better pictures but nothing I put in it would bring the design out, it is so delicate.
Next is a set of Ice cream tulip bowls DH bought me about 8 yrs ago when we were junkin' in Hammond, LA, we had gone down farther South to the Strawberry Festival and stopped by an Antique Mall in Hammond on our way DH acts like he doesn't like for me to spend alot or buy alot of stuff, but let me tell you a little secret, this man loves ols stuff as much as I do.
He loved these because when we were dating and first married, they still had a soda fountain at the local Drug Store and at the local Woolworth, and even though money was tight we would splurge once in awhile on a Sat. afternoon and get a scoop of ice cream and on a special occasion we'd get a sundae. These are the type of dishes they used...The tall ones, there was only 2 of these, is what they used for the sundae or sometimes an ice cream float. The little ones, there were 7 of them, is what they served ice cream in. It sure brings back a lot of memories to set out on the patio and eat home made ice cream out of these.

Next is a set of Banana split boats we found at the same Mall. DH also bought these, the big ole' Teddy these are so pretty with all the cut glass work... it was so hard to get a good picture of the clear glass.

Last is a pitcher and 6 glass set that I won back in 1979 for selling the most Mary-Kay that month...yep, I sold Mary Kay, Avon, Tubbleware, you name it, if I could sale it and work full time also I do what you have to when you have 3 boys and a Hubby that works constuction, There are days when the weather doesn't co-operate....
This set is special to me because it is something I earned and didn't is so delicately made out of clear glass and painted with beautiful tiny purple and lavender flowers, needless to say this has never been used and won't be by me...


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday....plates

It's wordless Wedsnesday again over at Dixie's house in FrenchLique, TX and today the word is plates...

Go by and see Dixie for a list of people who have joined in or to join yourself

A little of this and a little of that...and a lot of descions to make...

If you Ladies click on my blog and smell smoke, not to worry....I have been doing a lot of thinking since I have been sick and can't do much else....I know, That is a dangerous thing to poor old cobwebbed filled hole in the head where the brain should be can't take alot of that.
But I realized that in less than 4 month's I have posted 200 goodness, that's alot of words..but I also realized I have alot to say that I don't because I don't want to post 3-4 times a day. Which I have done....When that happens my first post of the day gets lost at the bottom of the page.
Well I realized the problem is I just love taking part in all of the Meme's Blue Monday, Simplewoman's Daybook, Wordless Weds., Vintage Thingies Thursday, Friday Family Foto, Pink Sat. Re-run Sunday. Faith and Worship Sunday and several more. I don't want to stop posting to these, and will not, but I am thinking about starting a blog just for these Memes and keep this one for my Country Memories and other post.
The only thing is I don't want to loss any of my sweet follows and was wondering if I did this, would it be too much of a hasle to follow me there also?
Just a few thoughts from the weird mine of Molly.

My 200th post and a give away....

Thank you for putting up with my constant I posted my 200th post in less than 4 months, WOW, Momma always said I'd talk to myself, well to put it correctly she always said, "Marj girl, you would argue with a fence post""why do you always have to have the last word". "Do you ever shut up girl"?
Now I have found a great bunch of Sister bloggers who actually listen to me....I love to gab as I'm sure by now y'all have figured out. I hope in my post and talks I have said or showed something that has maybe helped someone, if only in a small way.
I am having a give away to show my appreciation for all of your sweet comments and words of encouragements. I feel like in this short time I have added new members to my family....
As my gifts I have

1.....4 pendents that I have made by hand painting my original designs on Dominoes., and added eye hooks to the top, these can be used as necklaces or charms for a bracelet or a key chain. 2.....a 3 piece set of ATCs..Artist trading cards. Must be your own original art work, These are not to be sold but Traded amount friends, those among us who trade them use them as mini art works, these are 3 from my set of Lovely ladies Series, they will come in their own little envelopes, but can be framed to hang on the wall.
3.....a bar of wax sealed decoupaged hand soap with a cute little teddy bear dressed in pink, the soap is usable, if used from bottom up and not left in water it will last for awhile. I only use Pure and Natural soap. Mainly because it is firm enough to hold up under the heat and hot wax.
4.....a little picture holder to clip to your purse, that will hold 6 of your favorite pictures. I love keeping my Grands pictures in mine and you can hang it on your purse or notebook or even a key ring.
5....the snowman wine glass that I used to demonstrate my pictorial is 2 sided, such a cute little oddity.
6.....And last but not less is a tea for 2, tea set, and who doesn't like tea, it consist of 2 cups white with red snowflakes on it, a beautiful red floral infuser plus two 1 oz boxes of tea...1 oz. cinnamon tea and 1 oz. orange spice tea.

To sign up for my give away simple leave a comment on this blog, and if you post it to your blog, and tell your friends about it, you can earn 3 more changes. Simply post my thank you, picture to your blog and connect back to my post and then come back and let me know you posted to your blog. I will draw for the give away on May 5th, on Tues. evening. Will announce the winner on Weds the 6th.Again thank you for making my time here so enjoyable.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Day dreams and make believe....

Well as most of you know by now, I have had the crud for about a week and doesn't look like it is getting any better. I am not the type to lay around and do nothing....oh my, I think I'm going insane, I want to do so much, but just can't get the strength to do my little over active mine is running wild...doesn't it know I can't do all of this stuff it is planning for have repainted my bedroom, and all my furniture, made new curtains and painted a large picture of a French Country Rooster for the wall, even found an elegant ceramic French Rooster for DH to make a lamp out of for me. Or might even use one like this, isn't it so cute. Would fit perfect on my bedside table made out of the wrath iron sewing machine legs....I will blame this all on Picket over at have you seen the beautiful new bedding she has...oh, I am so in love....I have laid in the bed and repainted ever piece of furniture and every wall in this room. The Toile set she has is just fabulous. I also checked out her Friend Gloria over at, she is so clever, what a beautiful pair of pillow cases she sent to Picket.....oh my, I checked her blog out and now I am dreaming of using these 4 cheese domes I have to make a cute little Cloches, like she did. I can't afford to stay sick much longer or I will be throwing everything in my house out and starting over. I did make a little cake dish several weeks ago out of a Crystal plate and candle stick I found at a TS. You might remember me showing it to you. So I slipped out of bed, found on of my cheese domes and took a little bird and nest trinket box and make a little Cloche, I think it looks cute...but maybe when the delirium wears off and I can think clear again, I might find something cuter to put in it....

I knew it doesn't look like much right now, it needs more added to it, but just can't quit follow through with my thoughts right now. DH told me to take my sleeping pill and please go to sleep I was finding to much for him to do. LOL...first thing this carpet has got to go.... gottttt to gooooooo. ZZZZZZ.
This is DH, please don't wake this woman up, she is working me to death. Hope y'all have a good night. Shhhhhh.

The Simple Woman's Day book

FOR TODAY Monday 4-27-2009
Outside my window...
It's a new week, the sun is not quite up yet, there is a wood pecker tapping out a perfect rhythm on the Oak tree outside my bedroom window. A cow is lowing for her Calf that Mr Hart is loading up to take to the sale barn. I hear Matthew's 4 wheeler humming along as he helps round up the calves for the sale. It's already getting warm and it's only 7AM, Mississippi summer is on the way.
I am thinking...
How very sad I am for having to cancel my Trip to Branson yesterday. But I hope I get over this crud soon.
I am thankful ….
For my Dr who is so good to me, and that I am fortunate enough to be able to go to the Doctor when I'm sick, I am thankful that I am feeling a little better and hope I can continue to improve.
The Drs who can run test on my GS Thurs and make sure he is ok.
From the kitchen...
Coffee, that's a given, not sure what else. DH will probably fix some oatmeal when he gets up. I ate a bowl of Cheerios to take my meds with, can't take this stuff on an empty stomach...we will play supper by ear. Depending on how I feel later today. Have some homemade soup in freezer I might just have to threw in Micro-wave...DH will make cornbread to go with it.
I am wearing
a purple night gown
I am going
To rest as much as possible and try to get well.
I am creating...
A give away for my blog, this week I will post my 200th post. Also trying to finish up my T2T item for exchange with TT.
I am reading...
Some great new blogs I've discovered and still Studying The Chapter of John.
I am hoping...
That this week will be better than last week. As far as me being sick. And
I am praying
that God will reach down and touch Redman and he is ok and has no heart problems when they do his test Thursday
I am hearing...
A fire truck coming up the highway headed toward Wesson, hope there isn't a wreck near the College where they have to use the jaws of life...very common this time of year. Kids just fly on the flats above my house.
Around the house...
clothes need washing, floors need mopping others need vacuuming, dishes need putting in dish washer...but it will wait till I'm feeling better, DH will put dishes in washer, the rest won't go anywhere which is too bad....
One of my favorite things...
The smell of the fresh plowed ground, where DH is getting it ready for the seed.
A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday rest, rest, rest..
Tues. Go back for follow up with Dr. and maybe pick up a pizza for supper.
Weds. Clean or reorganize my paint room, a little at a time and try to finish up my T2T item for TT exchange, due Friday
Thurs. hopefully will feel well enough to go to the grocery store... and that we hear GOOD news from My GS's test.
Fri. Straighten up the house and get ready for the week-end...
Sat. Hope to be feeling well enough to go to the Braves game in Jackson, Sat night. My little Rissa-Kat is singing at the opening of the game. Her little 2d grade class from school will be preforming. She had to try-out and was excepted.
Sunday.. Will be going to Church and seeing all of the slide shows our group made while in Branson this week, at least I'll get to enjoy it that way..
Here is a picture thought for the day....
My first thought when I saw this scene was "A boy and his dog"
It's not very clear, I had to take it through my bedroom window with a zoom. My DH was setting down deciding what he wanted to plant, how many rows and where . If you look close you will see a black object laying behind him. That is Levi, our black Lab, I can always find DH when he's outside by simply finding Levi, where ever DH is, he is right beside him. If he's in his shop, Levi is on the top step, if he is in the swing, Levi is right behind it....never more than 3 steps away.
Hope you have a great day. don't forget to check out the other daybooks for today.