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Monday, April 06, 2009

Well that was a bust...

I just wanted to thank all of you nice ladies who have wished me well today when I went to the Dr.
First thing when I walked in I had to explain who I was and that I did have an appointment today, she finally found it, then kind of hateful said take a seat over there.....I had to wait 2 hrs.
When the Nurse took me back she weighted me and shook her head, "you gained 4 lbs since you were here, hummm now when was that?"she said looking at the chart. "4 mos ago in Dec, before Christmas, you know the Holiday that's almost here again" I said under my breath, but smiling said, "I know I just stay so hungry sometimes"... then she preceded to make sweet conversation and I asked how the Dr's wife was? She said, "she's doing much better, the Dr. is thinking about retiring to stay home and take care of her" I said, "that's nice", humm wonder what he's going to do with his patients. She left and I'm waiting for him to coming. Another 37 mins, I timed it.
When he walked in, I knew this wasn't going to go very well, Dr. in a grumpy voice "What is your problem today, why are you here?" Excuse me, I was told in Dec to take 100 MCG of Synthroid a day for 2 mos and then go to the clinic and have test run, and then come back to you the next week, I did....that was 2 mos and 3 cancellations ago, but I said...I am here to find out what my test showed. "Well you test show good your thyroid is normal, pituitary gland shows good. Are you feeling any better since you started taking the meds?"
Some days I do, but some days I don't...I stay tired and then told him all the problems I still had. " Well the symptoms you are telling me could be caused by alot of problems. I don't know what you want me to do, what do you want me to say" Well I guess you told me what I wanted to know, my test showed this wasn't my problem. Dr."Are you depressed?" Well the longer I stay sick and can't do what I want to do, I do tend to feel depressed, but I said no, not really. "Well maybe you need to just lose some weight and try to keep it off." I believe that is one of the problems I told you I had, even if I'm on a diet and follow it to the letter I still gain weight one week and the lose the next. So I don't know. Maybe I'm just nuts and think I'm sick. Dr."Well since you were already on Synthroid when you came to me, I really don't know if your thyroid level was low, normal or high, before the first test" I said, Dr Neil sent you the results he got and that's why he put me on the meds because I needed it, and since I had to wait 4 mos. for my first visit he was trying to help me. Dr, "we could take you off for 2 mos and see, but..." I said I'd be willing to do that. He just laughed for the 100th time since he walked in, he laughed at everything I said and just looked at me, then said "that would be more trouble than it was worth" Excuse me? OK then if I don't have a problem and don't need to take the meds then why didn't my test read too high after taking the meds for 2 Husband has no thyroid at all and he only takes 175 MCG to keep his test showing normal. I don't understand. Do you want me to stop taking the meds since I apparently don't need them? The Dr was standing by now headed to the door, he looked back at me and said "NO Continue to take it. well I don't know what to tell you, again I ask you what do you want from me?
By now I was totally confused, sick and pissed off. I told him, and I am sorry for saying it and should not have, not because of him, but because it was not right, I told him I didn't want him to do a damn thing....and walked out the door he was holding open. When I took my sheet to the front he had already, before asking me what I wanted him to do, had written discharged on my sheet. He needed worry I wasn't coming back.
When I got home I did what I should have done before going to him, I looked him up on the net and it seems I'm not the only patient who has not been pleased with him, his rating is less than fair. Some had even marked him poor.
I will go back to My GP tomorrow and tell him what happened and will stop the meds until it is proven to me I need them. Maybe it's the over dosing that keeps me feeling bad.
Sorry to be so long winded, it's just that I've never been treated so rudely and unprofessional by a Dr before. I should have knew with him putting me & his other patients off as long as he did something was wrong.


  1. Oh my goodness - so he is an Easter Quack? What a horrible experience! I had a dr. one time who actually went the wrong direction with my synthroid and instead of increasing it like she said she was doing, she actually DEcreased the dosage, and I was literally falling asleep all the time! Horrid. I found a new doctor after that 'blooper'! Please do not waste any time getting a good doctor and the help that you need, and the consideration you deserve!

  2. Well Miss Molly... what a story! If the doctor's wife is so ill that he's thinking of retiring to stay home and take care of her... maybe he's too preoccupied with worry over her to pay attention to his patients... Say a little prayer for him... and then find yourself a young handsome doctor with a great bedside manner... your reward for putting up with the other old koddger... ;)

  3. Wow! Sorry you had such a disappointing Dr.'s appointment! Ugh! I can't believe some of the things he was saying to you! I was also wondering why did the nurse bring up that you gained 4 lbs.? 4 lbs...that's not bad for over the holidays! That's not bad or much of a gain! She should have held her tongue in my opinion.

    I loved my laundary tin find too! I'll have to post my make-overs when I ever get them done! Take care!

  4. Excuse my french, but I would have slapped the hell out of him. How dare he treat you that way!!! Some people should NOT be in the medical field.

  5. I agree with ClassyChassy....find ya someone else! I have half my thyroid out....18 years now...
    I sure feel better since I got meds for the bronchitis and lung infection...but I was staying so tired out...zilch-o on the energy...of course that particular circumstance had nothing to do with the thyroid stuff....but I can tell when mine is too high....I have a slight tremor or shake in my right hand and my heart will feel like it's racing....not fun.....

    I hope and pray you find a dr. that is kinder to you and truly concerned for you well-being...
    I don't blame you for being royally ticked off....sounds like he deserved an ear-ful!!

    Take care friend,

  6. Well Molly you'll just have to delete this because I'm going to say it plain out, that jerk is an A # 1 bastard.

    I am SO MAD I can't even see straight. THE NERVE of him, what a CREEP. Words can't express what a piss-ant that doctor is.

    It's hell to find a doctor, get insurance to okay any specialists at all, change doctors, get appts, you know, the whole thing -- and to have this FOOL act like that. I'd better stop or the F word will get typed next I'm so ANGRY.

  7. Molly, my heart breaks for you. Such a huge disappointment after such a long wait.
    Nothing much to do but start again .... perhaps this forcing you to a new doctor will turn out to be in your favor in the long run. Difficult to believe that a caregiver could be that heartless. Kind of sounds like he doesn't have a very nurturing nature, and the idea that he is destined to become a full time caregiver for his wife is eating away at him. Now there's another woman I pity :(

    You are better off without him ... I would begin to get copies of all my tests from any doctor I saw, and put them in a safe place in my own home. That way when you try again, it won't be a total repeat :(

    You are clearly loved by so many, I know you are dreadfully discouraged ... my prayers and thoughts are with you.

  8. So sorry for your bad experience. I hope you can find a better doctor. And I hope you feel better soon. :)

  9. I'm tracking that sucker down, and putting a potato up his muffler by God!

  10. Well, of course I agree with what everyone has said. You waited so long to finally get to see him,and now what?Yes, go back to your family DR.."THE SPECIALIST" sounds like he is just in it for the money.Keep a chart for yourself of how you feel every day since off the meds..Good luck, and lots of prayers coming your way.. Hey Molly, this is another good story for your book.. The way you wrote it was as if we were there with you..Hugs SylviaJaws


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