Molly's Country Memories

Molly's Country Memories

The memories and happening in the everyday life of a country girl

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Greenwood Plantation

Our 3 boys gave Charles and I a 2 night stay at a bed and Breakfast in St. Francisville, LA. for our 50th Wedding Anniversary, We had planned to use it in Oct, well, that didn't work out because of Charles Kidney surgery. Monday we decided to go and take a few days off before Christmas to rest from all the stress and worry of his illness. We stayed at a lovely Bed and Breakfast called Butler Greenwood and really enjoyed touring several plantations in the area. 
I have made a slide show of one of these Plantations..Greenwood Plantation..
A little back ground 
Greenwood was built in 1830 by William Ruffin Barrow from Highland Plantation. The style of the house was Greek Revival designed by famed architect James Hammon Coulter. It set in the middle of 12,000 acres. Friends were tended by over 750 slaves. Barrow's also operated his own sugar and syrup mills.
During the Civil war the house was used as a hospital by the Northern troops. Barrows died in 1864 and the home, what was left after the Northern soldiers destroyed all the crops, out buildings and the mills, was sold to Capt John A Stevenson a New Orleans Ship builder. In 1915 the home and surrounding grounds was sold to Frank & Naomi Fisher Percy who lived and raised a large family there until it burnt to the ground in a thunderstorm in 1960.
Nothing was left but the 28 Doric columns and some chimneys, it remained like this for nearly 10 yrs until 1969 when new owners spent 15 yrs rebuilding it to it's former beautiful. It was the sight of the Movie North & South.
Hope you enjoy my slide show.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Susan's Shop Model Audition 2012

I am so excited tonight. About 3 weeks ago a very popular local Dress shop that specializes in Prom & formal wear had a Model Audition  2012 contest. The will be 3 stages, the first being Photogenic, the winners were announced today, out of 165 contestants they narrowed the field to 68. The next stage will be posted Weds. Both of my beautiful girls made it through to the 2d round. How excited this that. 
I found out about the contest a couple of weeks ago and asked the girls & their parents, if they would like to enter and they did. Neither one thought they would go past 1 level but thought it would be fun to try. There were girls of all ages, but the teen girls where so beautiful and alot of them had modeled before..thus the reason they didn't think it would amount to anything. 

This is the picture of Marissa I sent in
This is Morgan's picture I used

please keep your fingers crossed that they can advance to the finals

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Future Models

During Thanksgiving Break I was fortunate enough to have both my girls for the week. I was shocked when the Rissa Kat asked me to take some pictures of her you got to realize this is the child that hides when we bring the camera out. So of course I was delighted to take as many as they are a few..the little darker hair one is Rissa and she is 11, the long legged blond is my little smiley she is 10.
They looked so grown I almost cried...
When we started out their hair was so curly and pretty but the wind was crazy that day...blowing every direction and really messed it up...

 this is my favorite of Rissa Kat

 this one is my favorite of Morgan

They just grow up so fast...

Friday, December 09, 2011

Ronnie Smith Family

Middle Boy and his Family will not be with us this Christmas they will be spending the week in TN with Mindy's family so I made their Family pictures Thanksgiving while they were here.
The newest addition to the family is Tupac the Rat Terrier, Keifer received him as a gift from his Uncle 3 weeks after the wreck and He will tell you in a heart beat that little feller helped him make it through the hard times. He is a special member of the family truly loved by a cat loving
 Ronnie, Keifer, Mindy & Marissa
 Ronnie & Keifer
 Mindy & Marissa

 Keifer & the little Dude...
 Keifer and Mindy 
 Keifer & his little sweet heart

 my favorite picture my 2 angels
 Keifer we are so Thankful to God for letting us keep him a little longer 
Ronnie & Mindy
Hope to be able to post more of the photo I've been doing lately.
Hope you have a Blessed Night

My 2 Grands from my oldest Son

I have been doing some photos of my Grands and usually it's just the girls, but this time I wanted to do some good shots of my youngerst Grandson. He is growing up so fast and will soon be 15. Where has the time gone? Morgan is 10 but she is already talking about being a sweet, I would never discourage her in her dreams..we never know what the future holds. I did a slide show of some of the pictures. Hope you enjoy.
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Christmas is one the way

Well here it is almost Christmas and as usual I am running behind decorating. Since Charles is still recovering from Kidney surgery, he can't help put up lights outside this year. Well I sure can't get on that ladder so what do I do? I cut back, that's what! I am going to decorate the porch and put up my tree and be happy. I found this cute snow man wreath pattern on Pinterest and decided to try to make it. Simple..of course not. In this little one store town I couldn't find 3 different size vine wreaths, found 2 but needed a larger one for the bottom.  What to do, what to do? I use good ole craft technology I went out side cut my grape vine back and Made one. I think it turned out good.

I hope you all have a very Merry CHRISTmas

Thursday, October 27, 2011

You say Violin....I say Fiddle

Back in Sept. Richland, MS. where my middle boy and his family live had Richland in the park Day, it was alot of fun. Games, lawn mower races, craft & food vendors and a live music show. My little Rissa, who by the way isn't so little any more, she just turned 11. Where has the time gone...anyway I digress, plays in the String (all violin) band.
Here are some pictures I took of their performance...she is growing into a beautiful little lady.
The Band Director introducing them...
 The whole band
 My little Princess

 she has her game face

Rissa's " boy friend" doing his solo, Turkey in the Straw..
We will be going back to the Dr tomorrow for Charles to have staples removed and find out what the biopsy showed. Please say a small pray that it will be benign. 
Hope to find time to visit all this week end.