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Molly's Country Memories

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Future Models

During Thanksgiving Break I was fortunate enough to have both my girls for the week. I was shocked when the Rissa Kat asked me to take some pictures of her you got to realize this is the child that hides when we bring the camera out. So of course I was delighted to take as many as they are a few..the little darker hair one is Rissa and she is 11, the long legged blond is my little smiley she is 10.
They looked so grown I almost cried...
When we started out their hair was so curly and pretty but the wind was crazy that day...blowing every direction and really messed it up...

 this is my favorite of Rissa Kat

 this one is my favorite of Morgan

They just grow up so fast...

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  1. They do grow up fast.

    Very good pictures Molly. They are both beautiful girls that are going to grow up into beautiful women.


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