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Molly's Country Memories

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Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Friday the Sun is shining and all is right with my world....

It's a beautiful day today and the cold weather won't bother me at all, I'm to happy and excited to let anything bring me down...woo-hoo...Why am I so happy, Because I'm going to Richland, an hours drive from Wesson, to pick up my little Granddaughter. I haven't seen her since Christmas and I really miss her. She will stay with me untill Sun. when her Daddy will come pick her up. She loves to do all kinds of crafts and love to go junkin' so I have a big time planned for us. I will pick her up from school and we are going to hit some of the neat Thrift Stores in Jackson before heading home and then tomorrow we will go to McComb and hit a few more. She has quite the eye for little treasures. Will show y'all what she finds, Monday.
Tonight we will let her choose where she wants to eat, (she doesn't eat enough to keep a bird alive), then when we come home I will let her start on her Embroidery piece. She wants to help me do some of my redwork. As I said she loves to craft and is very good at it. She is trying to teach me to knit, but I'm a lost
I stated in an earlier post that I couldn't find thread or hoops at Wally World to start doing my redwork napkins, a friend told me about a little shop in Brookhaven that she thought might have the thread and sure enough a did find some, so I was able to get started on that project last remember I haven't emborideried or cross stitched in 15 yrs, so I am slow. Besides I start several different projects at once, so when I get tired of doing one I work on the I might have AADD, here is what I got done last night...only worked about 45 mins on it can't sit still that long. I know why started painting again, can see results quicker, but I've got to slow down.I also got my little "ugly baby" stuffed last night, will get her hair done later tonight while Marissa is sleeping, she goes to bed early, her medicine makes her rest.

Marrisa wants to pick out the material for her dress, so we'll do that tomorrow while in McComb.
Sure wish I could find home spun around here. Might check in Jackson at Hobby Lobby. We don't have any small material stores around this area anymore Wally World put them out of business.
Got to run and get the house straight before I leave for Richland.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday

My friend Coloradolady's at has started a VTT, check out her site by clicking on thelink above.
Today my items I want to share with you is just a small selection of my Hall's cookware. I have many, many peices from the Hall's collection. Tea Pots, pitchers, dishes bowls just name it and I have it, if not I'll try to find started collecting Halls when I inherited a Tea Pot from my Mom, she had earned this little tea pot, by buy Standard Coffee and when she had enough coupons from the coffee Co. she used them to get her first teapot. I will show you it on another day, when I show my other tea pots.My first item is a Hall's bowl that my MIL used for over 50 yrs. I have it safely tucked in a china Cabinet This is the Morning Glory pattern

I remember her using this everyday to serve beans or soup in.

The next items are Hall's Duck casserole bakers I have 5 minis or individual dishes and 1 large qt. Baker. I just love these.... my little ones are on a shelf over my living room window. And the large on is in a place of honor in my kitchen....

Next week I will show more of my prize collection. Hope you enjoyed my offering.

Be sure and check out Coloradolady's blog site for other great vintage items.

John The Baptist.. a little sweet humor

Johnny's Mother looked out the window and noticed him 'playing church' with their cat. He had the cat sitting quietly and he was preaching to it. She smiled and went about her work. A while later she heard loud meowing and hissing and ran back to the open window to see Johnny baptizing the cat in a tub of water. She called out, 'Johnny, stop that! The cat is afraid of water!' Johnny looked up at her and said, 'He should have thought about that before he joined
my Church.

What you working on Weds.

Several ladies have started a What you working on WEds. Check it out at Well, I'm afraid I have fallen into a little slump, haven't done much of anything for a few days..other than bake my home made this is perfect to give me a little prod...but I did start a new projest last week. I have a little chair that belonged to my MIL, hubby said he remembered it from when he was a little's now 65 so we know it is old...I decided to do a pattern I found in a mag, so I started
by just painting the whole chair black. For got to take a before picture untill I had started painting it.
Next which I started this morning, I used sand paper to give it the aged worn look...then when I
got the look I wanted , I transfered the out lines of the oval on the back and the seat pattern, after supper I am going to start painting.
This is the pattern I will be painting on is by Cynthia Erekson...

Where I blog...and other things...

I have really enjoyed checking out the blogs and pictures of other bloggers who have shown where they do their blogging. check out this blog... I'm afraid my area isn't as nice and pretty as some of the other ladies, but here goes, please know this is a work in progress. We plan to redo the whole room this summer, because at this time it serves as an extra guest room, computer room and store room for all the items I had to store when I closed my shop.

I really love my desk, since my Hubby made it to my specs. A place to put the tower and shut the door, a compartment for my 4 in-1 printer, little cubbies to put my DVDs, of my patterns my
pictures of items I've painted, my business files and of course my computer programs CDs. another cubbie for my camcorder dvds that I watch on my puter, a large place to store all of the books that go with my computer programs, important info for printer, computer and moniter my webcam and any other inportant papers. On the right is a place for my printing and tranfer supplies. Also a drewer to keep pens, cords or anything else like extra ink, etc, etc....

The top of the desk is reserved for my most treasured items, the first picture is a Doll my friends gave me when I retired from Packard 6 yrs ago. It is from the Richard Simmons collections NANA's Family and the name of the doll is Maggie's retirement. little piano music box was given to me by my middle boy when he got his first job at age 15. He is 40 now. When you wind up the music box the little bear on time spins and dances...I just love it and really treasure it. The picture in the baseball is my Keiferman hitting one of his many home runs. He was one heck of a ball play, we were all upset, even his Coach when he refused to play ball in college this year. He decide he wanted to consentrate on his future ...he is in Pre-nursing and he said he need to buckle down and study and didn't have the time to practice and travel with the team to play.. The picture of the little Cheerleader was his biggest supporter and Sister and would cheer him was also a cheer leader for the PeeWee football team, in Richland called the Saints... The last picture is a picture of the bed that also shares this room.The 2 dolls on the bed was bought on one of our many trips to Harrison, Arkansas. We found them at a little side of the road gift shop, they reminded us so much of the Dolls my MIL made in the erly 80's before she died in '88. So we had to have them. The little papoos at the bottom of the bed was bought in OK 2 years ago.

Hope you enjoyed looking.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rain & Sleet and snow...oh no....

Here in Central Mississippi, we are scratching our heads and wondering what in the world is wrong with Mother Nature, she is really being a bad girl this winter
Usually we only get snow about 1st ever ten years (usually more of a dusting of snow than a real snow) and a bad ice storm about the same. Well this year along...she has blessed us with 3 snows. The one in April of '08 wasn't a bad one this is about normal for we're thinking
that's it for the next 10 yrs....

right...WRONG...We rock along in our innocent bliss untill the 1st of Dec, guess what? Sunny Mississippi had another snow...Still no biggie, just shock that we would get two snows in one year, now this just AIN'T right...Sooo now we can look forward to smooth sailing and normal Mississippi weather from now on right, RIGHT?????? Well NOOOOooo...1 week before Christmas we recieve a very heavy snow, for us, now I know you folks farther north and east and west are used to a lot more snow than this, but I will restate this is South Central MS almost to the Gulf Coast

This last one lasted for 4 days we lost power for 3 days and it just really made a mess out of my Magnolia tree & pines, broken limbs were everywhere...
The last picture is of the center of our little town at 8 oclock when it first started snowing, I couldn't get down there to make one later that evening.
Move forward to 2009 it is less than 1 month later and Now we are under ice storm warning, they are suppose to be moving in tonight. We have already lost so many trees to this last snow, it rained the day before the snow and froze that night then the snow came and we had limbs snapping everywhere, sure hope we don't lose many this time...we've got the generator ready to go, lol...we usually have it for the Hurricanes...not snow storms...pleezzzz.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Just got to blow off steam

I have not cross stitched in about 15 yrs, so of course in order to complete my redwork I need a hoop and thread. So off I go to Wally World this morning, (as I have stated before I live in a small, small town and WW is about the only place to shop) head to the crafts dept for my supplies, Nope don't have any such, nada...only carry threat for the machines,...what happened to the little one time users like me. They have already cut way back on the material, and painting supplies...just so heart breaking....I guess I'll have to go to Jackson, an hrs drive from here to Hobby Lobby and hope they still carry what I need.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lazy Sunday and redwork

This evening, I started getting some of the items I want to start working on ready, doing the dreaded prep work...I am going to do the Napkins I found the other day with a Sunbonnet pattern in redware, I am thinking about using the squares as part of a quilt top...and I going to try to figure out how to leave the scolloped edges showing. I used a pattern by Aunt Martha's.

Next I took 5 flour sack dish towels a friend sent me and added my favorite design from Aunt Martha's ...Barn Yard Happenings, with Chickens, I am thinging about also doing them in redwork, the towels are a little thin to try tp paint on...we'll see, I wake up in a new world I need to find 2 more dish rags so I can finish out the days of the week

I also ironed a pattern on a white apron I bought at Wal-Mart, but I believe this one will be painted... the design is on the large pocket across the front.

And my goodness I was busier this evening than I thought I was, I recieved 2 doll bodies I'd ordered from Mamaws Creation off Esty. I left one natural and the other I soaked in boiled tea and cininmon and then baked it, I also got their faces painted...Was out of poly fill or I'd probably stuffed them.

Goodness no wonder I was tired and had to take a nap this evening...WONDER how long it is going to take me to do all of this, I haven embroideried in years.
On top of this I am working on a chair that belonged to my MIL, I am painting it black, giving it the worn look and painting a pattern on the seat and back.
Will be sure and show you when I get through.
Now I'm tired again just thinking about all the prep work.