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Molly's Country Memories

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

4th album-4th picture.

I have been reading through the blog community this morning, so many fun and informative blogs out there, I could set here all day***should be up finishing spring cleaning my kitchen, but just can't get into it, so much clutter, yuck, where does it all come from. (could it be from 47 yrs of I have finished the rest of the house and it all looks and feels so much better, after sending 6 large bags of stuff to Good Will and 3 grabage bags full to the dump..
I really have no particular style in my house, I love country and my kitchen is full of Roosters and farm sences, I have so many Roosters that they have moved into the den with the deer and gun stuff of my guess if anyone ask my style of decor I'd have to say "ME"
But I degress, while looking through the blogs I noticed several people recieving Tags, where you had to go to the 4th album and the 4th picture and post it to the blog. I got to wondering hummmm...wonder what I would fine so******off to my photos to see, what a relief when this picture showed up...but are we knows about my love of Santas.
The painting on the left is one I did about 20 yrs ago and the Santas on the little shelf is just 7 of the 100's I have collected over the years.
Ok, I've killed enought time this morning, can't put if off any longer, I hear the Roosters calling me to get in there and clean their nest up...giggle****
Isn't it amazing how you think your house looks good and pretty clean till you start moving furniture and cleaning I go.
Hope all of you have a great day and remember to:

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