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Molly's Country Memories

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Guitar and mushrooms

As I told y'all earlier this week our GD called and wanted to come spend the night Fri. night. So after school Fri, her Mom dropped her off, with her little pink guitar in tow. She couldn't wait to see my little fur-baby Chi-Chi and of course Chi was also glad to see her. They have a love-love let her choose where she wanted to go for supper and she chose the Golden Corral in McComb, (not my first choice, but ....) her Mom had warned me to watch her, that she really loves Smothered mushrooms and will try to eat nothing but them if I let her . Of course when I asked her what she wanted on her plate, she said I headed her off at the pass and told her she had to eat something else with she got macaroni and cheese pizza, ...yep heard me...I'd never heard of it before, I guess they will make a pizza out of everything...another yuck....

My oh my,.. all I can say is this child has to have a stomach made of iron, her supper consisted of, a large plate of mushrooms, 1 slice of mac'n'cheese pizza, a bowl of orange sherbert with chocolate syrup, gummy bears and caramel sauce, then she discovered the banana pudding and I had to draw a line there. I didn't want to have to strip beds before the night was over.
She also discoveried, that if you bite the end off one of their dinner rolls, you can blow in it and it will blow up like a balloon...we got so tickled at her. Can you tell she was getting bored waiting for her PawPaw to finish I'd thought to take her picture blowing up her roll, it looked like one of those blow fish, blowing up and then going I forgot I had my camera....I'm such a dummy.
When we returned home she brought out her guitar and wanted her pawpaw to teach her how to play, I really think she thought she would be able to play perfect when he showed her the cords...she wasn't to excited when he told her she would have to practice everyday, like most kids she hates the P word....isn't it amazing how these little ones want to do something, but just doesn't want to devote the time to did give it her all, then she realized that holding down on the cords made her fingers sore. Now this child don't like any form of pain from the slightest to the that will be bump to cross first.....I just loved how her PawPaw..after eating a big supper, couldn't sit up to teacher her, he had to lay down in his
I really enjoyed her stay with us, she reminded me so much of her daddy, lol...she didn't get up till after 11 AM (he usually slept till 1 or 1:30 on Sat).....and was ready for a large plate of pancakes. Then she played on the computer for a while. She is only 7 and knows more about a computer than I do. I had her show me how to arrange her horses and feed them on the Bellasara web site. i took her home around 3:30 and my house seems so quit and lonely without her bubbly self here. She is such a happy child the first thing you notice about her is that big sweet smile, her teacher told us that she had never seen her without that smile.
I'm going to bed now, it's been along 2 days. I hope your day was as full of laughter as mine was.

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