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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday

Suzanne over at is having a Vintage Thingies Thursday.Please go to her link and check out all the other bloggers VTT.
My item today is a beautiful vintage hat pin holder, that I discoveried in an Antique store in Harrison, Arkansa a few years ago. I just fell in love with it. I have my guess bed room set up with my Mom's old 1900 bed room set and this went just perfect on the dresser. I remember my Granny having one on this dresser in her home back in the 50's before she passed. Granny loved her hats and had hat pin for each one. I have often wondered what happen to that holder and her many, many hat pins.
I didn't take the picture on the dresser cause the mirror kept getting in the

The 2 hat pins came with the holder, you can tell they were hand made and I thought they gave it that special look so I kept them.

Be sure and drop by Suzanne's at

And check out all the neat vintage items...


  1. Molly...your blog is very attractive. I love your old fashioned header, and the blue's look really good.
    Your hat pin holder is a very unique item. I've never ever seen one before. But, I do remember hatpins, they were used by my Grandma, who wore big hats in her day.
    I'm so glad that you joined the gals in VTT. See you next week!

  2. I've never seen one of those before, how unique. Ahhh the days of hat pins. My grandmother had a few and I often thought how grand it would be one day to wear big hats like her. Of course, now I'd look like a whacko if I wore one...
    It's lovely and I see thrift shop finds under this post I need to check out!

  3. wow you have some lovely things! I am so digging your music here :-)

  4. I love your hat pin holder. I collect vintage hats, maybe I should start collecting hat pins too :)

  5. What a lovely hat pin holder, I love the color. And it's sweet that it reminds you for treasures from the past.

  6. Molly, that's a beautiful piece - a good score!

  7. I never heard of (or thought of) a hat pin holder (but of course, where would you keep your hat pins!) Yours is so lovely. Thanks for sharing, Great music!


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