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Molly's Country Memories

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Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Friday the Sun is shining and all is right with my world....

It's a beautiful day today and the cold weather won't bother me at all, I'm to happy and excited to let anything bring me down...woo-hoo...Why am I so happy, Because I'm going to Richland, an hours drive from Wesson, to pick up my little Granddaughter. I haven't seen her since Christmas and I really miss her. She will stay with me untill Sun. when her Daddy will come pick her up. She loves to do all kinds of crafts and love to go junkin' so I have a big time planned for us. I will pick her up from school and we are going to hit some of the neat Thrift Stores in Jackson before heading home and then tomorrow we will go to McComb and hit a few more. She has quite the eye for little treasures. Will show y'all what she finds, Monday.
Tonight we will let her choose where she wants to eat, (she doesn't eat enough to keep a bird alive), then when we come home I will let her start on her Embroidery piece. She wants to help me do some of my redwork. As I said she loves to craft and is very good at it. She is trying to teach me to knit, but I'm a lost
I stated in an earlier post that I couldn't find thread or hoops at Wally World to start doing my redwork napkins, a friend told me about a little shop in Brookhaven that she thought might have the thread and sure enough a did find some, so I was able to get started on that project last remember I haven't emborideried or cross stitched in 15 yrs, so I am slow. Besides I start several different projects at once, so when I get tired of doing one I work on the I might have AADD, here is what I got done last night...only worked about 45 mins on it can't sit still that long. I know why started painting again, can see results quicker, but I've got to slow down.I also got my little "ugly baby" stuffed last night, will get her hair done later tonight while Marissa is sleeping, she goes to bed early, her medicine makes her rest.

Marrisa wants to pick out the material for her dress, so we'll do that tomorrow while in McComb.
Sure wish I could find home spun around here. Might check in Jackson at Hobby Lobby. We don't have any small material stores around this area anymore Wally World put them out of business.
Got to run and get the house straight before I leave for Richland.

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  1. Halloo my dear -- I grew up in Louisiana, so we were practically neighbors...I "miss" Mississippi! Always happy to visit there...

    Your redwork is looking good, don't worry about being slow, because your stitches look great!

    I'll be back to see what that "ugly baby" ends up wearing!


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