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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rain & Sleet and snow...oh no....

Here in Central Mississippi, we are scratching our heads and wondering what in the world is wrong with Mother Nature, she is really being a bad girl this winter
Usually we only get snow about 1st ever ten years (usually more of a dusting of snow than a real snow) and a bad ice storm about the same. Well this year along...she has blessed us with 3 snows. The one in April of '08 wasn't a bad one this is about normal for we're thinking
that's it for the next 10 yrs....

right...WRONG...We rock along in our innocent bliss untill the 1st of Dec, guess what? Sunny Mississippi had another snow...Still no biggie, just shock that we would get two snows in one year, now this just AIN'T right...Sooo now we can look forward to smooth sailing and normal Mississippi weather from now on right, RIGHT?????? Well NOOOOooo...1 week before Christmas we recieve a very heavy snow, for us, now I know you folks farther north and east and west are used to a lot more snow than this, but I will restate this is South Central MS almost to the Gulf Coast

This last one lasted for 4 days we lost power for 3 days and it just really made a mess out of my Magnolia tree & pines, broken limbs were everywhere...
The last picture is of the center of our little town at 8 oclock when it first started snowing, I couldn't get down there to make one later that evening.
Move forward to 2009 it is less than 1 month later and Now we are under ice storm warning, they are suppose to be moving in tonight. We have already lost so many trees to this last snow, it rained the day before the snow and froze that night then the snow came and we had limbs snapping everywhere, sure hope we don't lose many this time...we've got the generator ready to go, lol...we usually have it for the Hurricanes...not snow storms...pleezzzz.

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  1. Oh my....winter in the South is NOT a good thing at all. You have nothing to fight it with...the roads, the trees, the electricity loss, oh my....sounds like a nightmare!
    At least up here, we have the tools to combat it while it's here.
    Hang in there, Spring's comin'!


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