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Monday, November 29, 2010

Batty's got a girl friend..Marco Monday..Show and Tail Tuesday

Today I an entering Macro Monday over at lisaschaos, check out her sight for some amazing snap shots.
I am also taking part in Tuesday Show and Tail over at  West Virginia Treasures
Even though theses shots aren't exactly Macro they are of very small bats hanging at the top of our barn, and I really had to zoom to get a shot of them.
Batty has been living in our barn for several years and I loved watching him swoop out at dusk and dart back and forth catching bugs and mosquitoes, then just before day break if I was up early enough I'd see him swoop back into the barn. He has lived by himself for the last 3 or 4 yrs and you could go into the barn and see him hanging there all alone.
Well a couple of week ago DH told me he'd been in the barn and Little Batty had a girl friend...and that they were roosting side by side, I grabbed my camera and went to check them out..sure enough there they were asleep side by side.
I checked him out on the Internet and found that he is known as a Large Brown Bat and that he can live to be 18-20 yrs old,  he is about 4-5 inches and that they hibernate from Nov til April, when she will fly away to have her babies probably in the same place where she was born. I hope she brings them back with her. 
You can read more about them here

Don't they look so sweet, hanging up there together, I guess I'm just an old Romantic, I don't believe  anything should live alone, we all need someone..even if it's just a good friend to talk to.

Blue Morning Glories/Blue Monday

Good morning, it's time again for Blue Monday over at Smiling Sally's, go by and check out all the other pretty blues by clicking here.
I hope all my Blogging friends had a great Thanksgiving, I know I did and I am so very blessed to have been able to share my Day with my family and some dear friends. My middle boy and his family spent the week in TN with DILs parents and they were really missed, but his son Keifer spend the whole day with us and that was a treat. He is a full time student and works full time so we see so little of him that my day was complete because he was there.
I hate to admit it, but if I'd known I was going to live sooo long, I'd taken better care of saying.
I  just can't seen to hold up to doing as much as I once did, a good week of house cleaning and rearranging then 2 days of cooking has put me out of the game for awhile, I just seem to be so tired all the time. My old body just can't seem to keep up with my young thinking brain...
ok, back to the business of the day...Blues..a beautiful color or something I seem to get after the Holiday's and everyone is gone?...OK let's go with the beautiful color..and maybe the blues will pass
Sunday Morning after Church I had to run to the Grocery store..(never a days rest) and passed the local welding store, they are always making new fences and statues so I decided to check them out to see if they had any new art work done, of course they are closed so I was able to get up close and personal to the new fence... here are some pictures of the beautiful fence..... I'm not sure if they made this one or ordered it, either way it is a beauty for this time of  year...and just look at the beautiful BLUE Morning Glories.

 This is a picture of the beautiful lake I get to pass everyday on my way to town, the water seemed so blue this morning and the leaves are still turning. What a fantastic view

Friday, November 26, 2010

Autumn on the Bayou

I am connecting to Scenic Shot Sunday  click here to join us or check out the other scenic views...
Tuesday Dear Hubby and I decided we need to just take a day off before the work of cooking and getting ready for all of our kids and family to come for Thanksgiving Dinner began in earnest..... Now we just love visiting Vidalia, LA. which is just across the River Bridge from Natchez, Ms.. and we always find plenty of pecans there which was our main reason for going. But we also decided to just ride the back country roads and enjoy the Auntumn colors that is always such a joy to see.
When we got to Vidalia we ate lunch at our favorite little "stop in the road" cafe and as always enjoyed the home cooked buffet of chicken and dumpling and a whole slew of Veggies.
We then went just down the street and around the corner and bought our pecan. This being done, we decided to go a little farther west on Hwy 84 and hit Hwy 65 that goes north into the LA. Delta and  Pecan country. Our plans where to follow 65 to Tallulah then cut back to Vicksburg and back down to Wesson.
It had been raining when we left home but by 1 o'clock the day was just beautiful. We took several little back roads off 65 and just let them take us were they wanted too.
Here are a few of the pictures I took which shows how beautiful Autumn on the Bayou can be.
 This was taken on 65 near the center of town in Ferriday, LA... 

Small country road that runs beside the Tensas River

 Pecan trees along Hwy 65 for as far as the eye could see.

Beautiful long stretch of LA Delta land pecan trees are on the right side of the road.

Delta cotton land waiting for the Spring for planting time...

I will end with a picture that is my favorite, I don't know if these Crosses appear in other parts of the Country, but since about the early 70's I've noticed more and more of them appearing on the roads and byways of our South. I was told that a Gentlemen who found out he had cancer and was healed went around the country putting up the 3 Crosses to honor our Lord.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving ...Autumn on the River

From My House to Yours

Fall in Louisana
Happy Thanksgiving

To all my Friends in Blogland

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Repost of how to paint soap...

I am joining in with 2d time around Tuesday for the first time in awhile..I hope since this is the second time around for this post you will consider it ok to post click here....
Since it is getting close to Christmas and everyone is looking for little gifts to give I thought I would help out a little.... This is a copy of a post I did when I first started bloggin, several people have emailed me asking how I did my handpainted & printed pictures soaps so I thought I would repost it
Posted Jan. 6, 2009

Since the Holidays have passed I know a lot of you are looking for something new to craft, Here are the directions for the way I do my case anyone else is interested too. This is a recipe that a friend on another board gave me, she said her mother gave it to her. Thanks Linda....These make such cute and personal gifts. I have used pictures of my family and friends also used items I had painted, by printing them out and using them.

This is a picture of the Seniors on My Grandson's Baseball team last year. I made each one of them a soap for their little happy and remembence of the team.

The second one is Keifer and his Dad 18 yrs ago. Keifer gave it to his dad for Father's Day this year.

Morgan gave these to her teachers as end of year gifts

This is a print of one of my paintings

Sample of the handpainted soaps....I used a pattern by Trish McMurry to paint this one.

Frist....DO NOT.... use Ivory soap. It has too much lotion in it and is too soft. Just won't last, (I learned the hard way).. I only use Pure and Natural. I use canning wax on the soaps. Clean the bar with alcohol, then dip the tops, in about 1/4 in. deep hot wax. I use an old shallow skillet for this--something with low sides, and use a pair of tongs to hold the soap.when the wax is set, in about 5-6 hours (dries sooner but it is recommended to let wax sit that long), add coat of Modge Podge, then add your decal or picture let dry, another coat of Modge Podge, and finish with another coat of wax. If using a picture that you print on your printer it is recommended that you spray with a clear sealer and let dry for 3-4 hrs or over night or the modge podge will cause the ink to bleed. I would print out my pictures, spray them and then do my dipping that way they are ready at the same time. Be sure to size your print to the size of the soap bar before printing. I also do my handpainted this way... follow the same steps as if you were going to add prints, but after adding modge podge and letting it dry good, you can start painting on your design, may take a couple of coats of paint, let dry between each coat. I usually paint a solid base coat over whole top of soap then paint design on that....when paint is totally dry coat with modge podge again. Let dry then dip in wax, BUT do not let it stay in wax too long and do not dip more than once or your paint might just melt off. I usually dip about 12 bars at a time, that way when I need a gift in a hurry I have the prep work done and all I have to do is add art work. Get the wax at the grocery store. I find it on the isle with the candymaking supplies. Or with the canning supplies.There is a method of painting soap that doesn't call for wax. I have just cleaned the soaps good with alcohol and sealed it with clear spray sealer and then paint your design, when dry, seal again with clear sealer.
The wax and modge podge makes it easier to use if you wanted to.... and protects the paint better. Place in clear bag and tie with ribbon or string, add gift tag with instuctions on how to use. Soap is usable if used from the bottom up. Do not leave setting in water. Wet and rub soap on rag. Decal will last till soap is gone.
I hope you find this easy and useful.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Macro Monday and mudbugs

It is time once again for Macro Monday over at Lisaschaos click to view other pictures or too join in with our fun
Down here in South Mississippi we have adopted a tradition from our Louisiana Neighbors called Crawfish boil, If you've never had a good old LA. Craw fish boil you are missing one of life's simplest and sweetest folks call them Mud bugs some call them Craw daddies, or Crawdads and others call them Crayfish, I simply call them a gift straight from God...
Being from  New Orleans, Louisiana I always enjoy a good Crawfish boil. This past summer we had a large family boil at my son's home, and of course I had my camera handy. Now I know it sounds bad but Crawfish like crabs have to be boiled alive, you would never boil a dead mud bug, just isn't done.
When my son & DIL were sorting through the craw fish, picking out the dead ones I got a few pictures of how feisty they can be...

 This one looks like he is saying "you want a piece of me, well bring it on"

Looks like we got another feisty't they know they can't win.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Repost of how to paint snowmen glasses and making their hats

Since it's getting close to Christmas I thought I would repost a couple of Tutorials that I posted last year, I have made these several times and the receiver seems to enjoy them. To learn how to make the painted Glass Snowmen click here...
Making these little hats are so simple but they really dress up alot of different things, Baseball make-do snowmen, wine glass snowmen and light bulb snowmen ornies....
You will need

a sock...any color or texture

14" narrow ribbon of your choice. I have even used twine


These are the items you will need....

Using the scissors cut just above the heel line, making sure to cut above the heel.

This is how it should look, straight

On the end that you cut, cut into the sock in little narrow strips up to the cuff line....

lay ribbon under sock at the bottom of the little slits

                                                      And tie into a bow,

Now you've made a hat, so very very simple. But it sure does dress up our little snowmen...