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Monday, November 29, 2010

Batty's got a girl friend..Marco Monday..Show and Tail Tuesday

Today I an entering Macro Monday over at lisaschaos, check out her sight for some amazing snap shots.
I am also taking part in Tuesday Show and Tail over at  West Virginia Treasures
Even though theses shots aren't exactly Macro they are of very small bats hanging at the top of our barn, and I really had to zoom to get a shot of them.
Batty has been living in our barn for several years and I loved watching him swoop out at dusk and dart back and forth catching bugs and mosquitoes, then just before day break if I was up early enough I'd see him swoop back into the barn. He has lived by himself for the last 3 or 4 yrs and you could go into the barn and see him hanging there all alone.
Well a couple of week ago DH told me he'd been in the barn and Little Batty had a girl friend...and that they were roosting side by side, I grabbed my camera and went to check them out..sure enough there they were asleep side by side.
I checked him out on the Internet and found that he is known as a Large Brown Bat and that he can live to be 18-20 yrs old,  he is about 4-5 inches and that they hibernate from Nov til April, when she will fly away to have her babies probably in the same place where she was born. I hope she brings them back with her. 
You can read more about them here

Don't they look so sweet, hanging up there together, I guess I'm just an old Romantic, I don't believe  anything should live alone, we all need someone..even if it's just a good friend to talk to.


  1. I adore these photos... I love bats too... how nice to think of them all snuggled up together until Spring time... thank you for such lovely photographs...

  2. AWWWWW, how sweet! I, too, have an affinity for bats (and spiders).

    And I love that you think they're sweet creatures and hope that they'll bring their babies back to the home-place. They really did help keep the mosquitoes from carrying us all away when I lived there, and I liked seeing them swooping through the big yard-lights, grabbing up their dinners---every one they bit was one that wouldn't bite US.

  3. They do look sweet! It even looks like the one on top opened its eye for a moment in one of the pics. How cool!!!

  4. That's way too cute. You did a great job of capturing the detail and happiness!


  5. I want no part of bats at any distance.

  6. That is sooooo sweet Molly! Those are some fantastic pictures you got of them! I can't believe they will just hang there all Winter long. That is amazing!

    Thanks for sharing Batty and his girl friend with us this week!

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

  7. Oh Molly Sweetie...
    I am so tickled pink that Batty has found himself a little girlfriend after all this time of hanging alone. How sweet is that.

    They look precious all snuggled together. I do hope they come back and bring the babies. That would be so wonderful. You will never have to worry about mosquitoes in your area or an over abundance of bugs, Batty will take care of that for you. Bless his little heart.

    Keep watching them and keep us posted as to when she leaves.

    We are supposed to drop down to 28 degrees tonight. I truly do NOT like this at all. This is why we moved away from Oklahoma. Hated the cold winters. I want my heat back. This is so unusual for Phoenix. We may actually warm up to 70 by the weekend. We'll see. I'll keep you posted. If this keeps up, I believe I may have to buy a coat. I haven't owned one in the 26 years I have lived here, but with the illness in May and pneumonia having weakened my lungs, I am not sure I can play with these temps.

    Have a beautiful day tomorrow sweetie. Sending many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  8. Very interesting. How did you get such great photos! We tried to attract bats to or place with a house but no one came!

  9. When we moved here to the Blue Ridge, my husband built a bat house. I've never tried to photograph them! Handsome little critters, aren't they?...:)JP

  10. Those are incredible pictures, Molly. I was in Wild Birds Unlimited yesterday, and was told that bats are great if you have problems with mosquitos (and who doesn't, here in Mississippi!). Yours are very sweet!

  11. That is so neat to see! Now he won't be lonely anymore! I've seen single bats flying high over our house, and in one home we owned there was a bat that would sneak in somehow and I could hear him flying in our living room. I'd capture him and put him outside, but he'd get in again, so I finally transported him several miles away, and he never returned to our house!

  12. I love that - of course they are meant to live with others. I have a bat house in the back of my house and never have gotten a one. Would love one to eat the bugs! I'm visiting from Angela's!


  13. How lucky you are. We had some in the shed, but moved the piece of equipment they were nesting in, didn't disturb the nest - but the next day they were gone.

  14. I have always heard that bats do not like people and will leave us alone as long as we live them alone! These shots are great! Anne


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