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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Repost of how to paint soap...

I am joining in with 2d time around Tuesday for the first time in awhile..I hope since this is the second time around for this post you will consider it ok to post click here....
Since it is getting close to Christmas and everyone is looking for little gifts to give I thought I would help out a little.... This is a copy of a post I did when I first started bloggin, several people have emailed me asking how I did my handpainted & printed pictures soaps so I thought I would repost it
Posted Jan. 6, 2009

Since the Holidays have passed I know a lot of you are looking for something new to craft, Here are the directions for the way I do my case anyone else is interested too. This is a recipe that a friend on another board gave me, she said her mother gave it to her. Thanks Linda....These make such cute and personal gifts. I have used pictures of my family and friends also used items I had painted, by printing them out and using them.

This is a picture of the Seniors on My Grandson's Baseball team last year. I made each one of them a soap for their little happy and remembence of the team.

The second one is Keifer and his Dad 18 yrs ago. Keifer gave it to his dad for Father's Day this year.

Morgan gave these to her teachers as end of year gifts

This is a print of one of my paintings

Sample of the handpainted soaps....I used a pattern by Trish McMurry to paint this one.

Frist....DO NOT.... use Ivory soap. It has too much lotion in it and is too soft. Just won't last, (I learned the hard way).. I only use Pure and Natural. I use canning wax on the soaps. Clean the bar with alcohol, then dip the tops, in about 1/4 in. deep hot wax. I use an old shallow skillet for this--something with low sides, and use a pair of tongs to hold the soap.when the wax is set, in about 5-6 hours (dries sooner but it is recommended to let wax sit that long), add coat of Modge Podge, then add your decal or picture let dry, another coat of Modge Podge, and finish with another coat of wax. If using a picture that you print on your printer it is recommended that you spray with a clear sealer and let dry for 3-4 hrs or over night or the modge podge will cause the ink to bleed. I would print out my pictures, spray them and then do my dipping that way they are ready at the same time. Be sure to size your print to the size of the soap bar before printing. I also do my handpainted this way... follow the same steps as if you were going to add prints, but after adding modge podge and letting it dry good, you can start painting on your design, may take a couple of coats of paint, let dry between each coat. I usually paint a solid base coat over whole top of soap then paint design on that....when paint is totally dry coat with modge podge again. Let dry then dip in wax, BUT do not let it stay in wax too long and do not dip more than once or your paint might just melt off. I usually dip about 12 bars at a time, that way when I need a gift in a hurry I have the prep work done and all I have to do is add art work. Get the wax at the grocery store. I find it on the isle with the candymaking supplies. Or with the canning supplies.There is a method of painting soap that doesn't call for wax. I have just cleaned the soaps good with alcohol and sealed it with clear spray sealer and then paint your design, when dry, seal again with clear sealer.
The wax and modge podge makes it easier to use if you wanted to.... and protects the paint better. Place in clear bag and tie with ribbon or string, add gift tag with instuctions on how to use. Soap is usable if used from the bottom up. Do not leave setting in water. Wet and rub soap on rag. Decal will last till soap is gone.
I hope you find this easy and useful.


  1. Neat idea! I guess I didn't know that you could paint soap.

  2. Oh Molly Sweetie...
    Now how cute is this. I love this idea and love you for sharing it with me this morning. It looks like fun, and doesn't sound hard. Your tutorial is a special gift for the holiday and I thank you so kindly for it.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving sweetie. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

  3. I can't imagine USING those beautiful works of art!! The having of them, and the memories they evoke, are the real treasure.

    What a lovely, personal gift, and how very talented and PATIENT you are to make those.

    Hope you and all yours have a wonderful, safe, happy holiday!!


  4. What a wonderful gift idea - I am going to save this. Thanks.


  5. Your talent never ceases to impress me, Molly. Those are truly amazing and make such thoughtful gifts.

    Best wishes to you and your family for the best Thanksgiving celebration ever!

  6. Oh my goodness, I was just thinking about this today - I knew it could be done with Mod Podge, but I couldn't remember how. Thanks for the instructions!


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