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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dolly Parton - The Church In The Wildwood..and pictures

I hope you remember me telling you about my trip to Dolly Wood back in Oct. with our Senior Church Group. If you missed it you can read about it here  and here .
This morning as I was sitting here going through my pictures and enjoying, reliving my trip I saw the pictures of the Church, Dolly has set up for anyone who wants to attend Church Services on Sunday morning.  Suddenly this song by Dolly started playing in my head and I wanted to share the song and pictures with you.
How great that we live in a country where we can worship God anytime we want and anywhere and how sad so many people take it for granted and fail to see the hand of God in everything they see or do.
When I walked into this little Church the peace and love just over whelmed me,  I had to take a minute to just sit and listen to the little creek running outside the window and think to myself "My God How Great Thou Art."
Please turn up the music and enjoy the beautiful Church for yourself..
The doors at the Church came from The Pleasant Hill Methodist Church and was originally made by the Church's trustees around 1890.
 I love the stain glass window over the door...the windows in the Church were first used in Nancy Academy the first seconary school in Sevier County, and was donated by DD Butler a Sevier County farmer and Businessman
 It was decorated for the Fall, but it is beautiful on it's own.
The Chapel's bell was originally used in Sevier County's Williamsburg Academy School
The pews came from the old Sevier County Courthouse..
There are 6 beautiful handmade quilts on the walls, these where made by the crafters in the community, and are replicas of stainglass windows depicting scenes from the life of Christ.   This is my favorite. Though they all are beautiful.
There is a plaque on the wall with Dolly's picture explaining why this Chapel was dedicated to Dr. Thomas

This statue Know as the Good Shephard was carved by Dollywood master woodcarver Lee Warren in 1995-96. And it is truly amazing work.
on the left side of the Church this little brook runs and when you are sitting quitely and the windows are open it sounds like the soft voice of God whispering Fear not for I am with you always. Peace and love to you my Child.
If you would like to know more about this beautiful little Church that is dedicated to Dr. Robert F. Thomas you can go here


  1. Hey Molly!

    Great pictures! I've never been to Dollywood. We did drive through that area many years ago but we didn't go there. Beautiful church. It is so rustic inside. I didn't imagine that it would be looking at it from the outside.

    Have a Great Day!


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