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Molly's Country Memories

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Summers last breath,

Good morning Friends I'm so glad to be back and sharing Shadow Shot Sunday with all my blogging buddies.
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One day last week I was sitting on my patio taking a break from redoing my craft room, (another story to share at a later date) it was turning cool and a little overcast, I noticed a few of the summer bugs and flowers were fighting to hang onto the summer for as long as possible. Here are a few of the shots I managed to get...this moth is a little raggedy and you can tell he's had a hard life

 While I was taking these pictures I notice a movement out of the corner of my eye and look what I caught trying to sneak up for a little noon day snack...needless to say he wasn't too happy with me scaring his meal away..can you see the "now look what you've done," look in his eye. LOL..I liked the soft shadow his body made on my solar light.

As I watched this little moth soaking up the last rays of sun and drops of nectar from the few remaining flowers, I couldn't help but think, how we as humans are so like these little creatures, even as our life comes to a cross roads of hard times, we can still enjoy what God has given us. The soft glow of the lasting warm rays of his love, the joy of the nectar of his peace. And he is always there to protect us, by keep our enemies at bay.
 you enjoy this beautiful day God has given us and know that he provides for our every need, not always our wants..but for our needs.
May you have a Blessed Day


  1. Molly,

    I think this was your most beautiful and inspiring post, ever. And from a lizard and a moth, both winding down the Seasons of their days.

    Just beautiful---pictures AND words.

  2. Beautiful simplicity or to put it another way - simply beautiful. From the other Molly in Wales x

  3. Stunning Photography....every photo is breathtaking. Great Macro shots! Nice commentary....the end of summer is well done in photos and text! Great SSS entry!

  4. Molly those pictures were gorgeous. Sandie


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