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Monday, November 22, 2010

Macro Monday and mudbugs

It is time once again for Macro Monday over at Lisaschaos click to view other pictures or too join in with our fun
Down here in South Mississippi we have adopted a tradition from our Louisiana Neighbors called Crawfish boil, If you've never had a good old LA. Craw fish boil you are missing one of life's simplest and sweetest folks call them Mud bugs some call them Craw daddies, or Crawdads and others call them Crayfish, I simply call them a gift straight from God...
Being from  New Orleans, Louisiana I always enjoy a good Crawfish boil. This past summer we had a large family boil at my son's home, and of course I had my camera handy. Now I know it sounds bad but Crawfish like crabs have to be boiled alive, you would never boil a dead mud bug, just isn't done.
When my son & DIL were sorting through the craw fish, picking out the dead ones I got a few pictures of how feisty they can be...

 This one looks like he is saying "you want a piece of me, well bring it on"

Looks like we got another feisty't they know they can't win.


  1. My hubby can eat his weight in them. I like em too, but would starve too death before I could eat enough.

  2. I have never had them. But my husband really likes them. They are neat creatures. I really like your shots.

  3. Oh Molly - I love you, but those are not for me! sandie

  4. This does sound like a blast. Here in Missouri we call them, Crawdads. I love the second photo, that looks like a mean one.
    Have a great day!


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