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Monday, November 15, 2010

The store room from Hell...

Good morning ladies, Today I think I have mustered up the courage to talk about a little project that I undertook last week. Now I will say this isn't the first time I have ventured into cleaning this room, as a matter of fact I posted about cleaning it out a couple of years ago. But I have always had to use it as a paint/storeroom. Well this time I said enough is enough and agreed to store all the boxes of stuff I don't use at my MIL's old house. So now thank the good Lord it is  completely and totally a paint/sewing room.
For the last year I have just opened the door and throw what ever I had to store in it and shut the door, no painting or even thought about calling Clean House or the Hoarders for help...
OK, now I have worked up the courage to show you my storeroom from hell...

Now here is the after, I'm so proud of the space and organization I can have, now that everything that doesn't belong is gone.. I have always wanted a place to put my computer in my paint room, so I can use my DVD patterns and take on line classes...
Even my ChiChi has room to join me in there when I paint or sew or what ever craft I decide to do. As soon as I clean the closet out I will store my suitcases in there. Didn't want to take them to the store building.

I love having the shelves to stack my material on, so I know what I have and can find it when I get ready for it..and all my pattern books and patterns are together  in easy reach

Hope I didn't bore you to much, but I'm just so proud to have my own studio for a change...


  1. Wow Sweetie what a DELIGHTFUL difference!!!
    HaPpY creating and tell ChiChi Hi from my Sissi.. She enjoys hanging out in our office too!!! Especially when the sun is shinning on her fuzzy bed :0)

    A little prayer for you~~~ As you trust in our Sweet Lord,, may He continue to shine through you covering you with His blessings...
    Hugs Dena

  2. Lovely! What a transformation...though I do miss that bead fringed lamp shade. :)

  3. Yea! Glad you have your own workspace. Looks great Molly.

  4. Molly doesn't it feel so good to have a job completed. Your craft room looks wonderful.Love from the other Molly

  5. You ought to join Metamorphous Mondays - man you did the whole entire room over - you wouldn't know it was the same room - it is gorgeous - great job.


  6. It looks great Molly! I don't know how we end up with rooms like that!?! My sewing craft room is full of stuff right now too. I can't even go in there to sew or do anything. I need to get that room cleaned up! You've inspired me to do it!


  7. That looks great! By the way, I love the tin cake carrier you had 'tossed' in there! I love to rearrange my sewing room. It's like playing house--without the real cleaning (dishes, bathrooms, etc) that comes with the real house!


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