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Molly's Country Memories

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Little Road Trip

Good Morning Y'all, I just wanted to drop by and let you know that 
2 other lovely ladies and I are headed to AL for a week-end of girl fun and shopping. We will met up with my little Rissa and her Nana and bring her back home...she's been in TN for a whole month and I'm ready to see her.
So I won't be around till Monday, but I promise to catch up and have pictures of our road trip and knowing this bunch of Thrifty Store junkies, we're going to come back with some great finds.
Y'all have a Blessed Weekend.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday A Simpler Times

Good morning Y'all it's wordless Wednesday again over at Dixie's place, but while Dixie is taking a break
Heather at Simply Joyful Photos has agreed to host it for her, be sure and tell Heather how much we appreciate her doing this for us.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2d time around Tuesday,

Today for second time around Tuesday, I have an old flat iron that my DIL #2, wanted me to paint for her Mother, she plans to use it as a book end, Don't know how since it's just one. Unless she plans to use the side of the bookcase as the other one. I know I'd lot rather use it as a book-end, then what it was originally used for....oh, I so dislike ironing...
Any -who she looves cows so I painted this on in black and white shades, the only other color is a touch of red in the top center. Sure hope she likes it, cause I don' still have some touching up to do, like straightening out the checks and smoothing out the highlights around the cow...but wanted to show it for 2d time around Tues. so I took these pictures before I was completely finished.
Well that is my 2d time around offering, hope you will help save as much junk as you can, by finding treasures and giving them a second chance.
Slip on over to visit Diane for a Second Time Around to see more second time around treasures

Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Blessing with a little heat on the side

This morning has really been pretty and cool in Mississippi, can you believe, The end of July and it's pleasant in Mississippi....nice breeze too.
I love this kind of weather. Hot, but not too hot..warm enough to go to the creek and swim, but not so hot that the cement ponds are hotter than the bath tub water.
DH has been in the garden all morning picking string beans, okra and tomatoes...I've put up about 10 qts of my spaghetti sauce and canned 20 qt jars of tomatoes, so I think I'm going to make my DH's favorite treat with some of these tomatoes, before giving the rest to my Sweet DIL's Mom.
DH loves HOT salsas and I have a great recipe just for him, I made some last week and he ate it all in 2 days.....girls I make this, set a bowl of chips in front of him and I don't have to cook supper, you've heard you can make a meal out of it, well he can...I don't eat it, can't take the heat...I know, I know and I call myself a LA
I thought I would share the recipe with you my friends...if you can handle the heat...
I don't have a picture cause I've got to go to the store this evening and get some more cilantro

Fresh Tomato Salsa
  1. 3-6 finely chopped tomatoes
  2. 1/2 cup white onion....(DH wants me to try this batch with 1/2 cup green onions)
  3. 1/2 cup finely chopped bell pepper(I like to use red or yellow, doesn't affect the taste just makes it prettier)
  4. 1/4 cup fresh chopped cilantro
  5. 3-4 chopped hot calls for habinaros, but I use what ever I have (be sure and take the seeds out or it will really be hot) you can adjust pepper to your taste. When I use Scotch Bonnets I cut them down to 2 only....
  6. 1/2 lime, use fresh squeezed juice.
  7. salt to taste
I usually rough chop it all and them put it in a food chopper on pulse and blend it not over do it or you'll just have want it mixed good but still small chunks. It will be liquidy...(Is that a word?)
I sure wish I could can this but without vinegar in it I'm afraid it wouldn't can to well, specially since you don't cook it.
I hope you try this and enjoy it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blue Monday

Woo, Y'all, can you believe it's Monday, my, doesn't the week end just fly by?
Having said that I guess you know that means it time for Blue Monday over at SmilingSally' be sure and drop by and check out all the great blues that other blogger buddies have to offer. Please visit Smiling Sally by clicking here
Today I want to tell you about my sweet little DIL, my BB will turn 30 ( oh to be so old Aug. the 8th, since he will be on call at the Hospital that week, sweet little DIL planned a surprise Birthday Party for him, how' this wasn't  just any surprise party...oh no, it had to be special..she planned everything without his New Orleans...she even rented a room in the French Quaters for 2 nights. She and 3 of her girl friends almost pulled it off, untill Mr. Nosy was hunting a recipe for something sweet in her on line weight watchers recipe had hide the conformation for the rooms in there...he's such a spoil sport. He didn't find out until 4 days before, so at least it was a little surprising.
They had a great time, here are some of the pictures they took, all of them have blue in them so I figure this can pass as a blue Monday post... 
This is the gang of friends that went to New Orleans to help him noticed Momma wasn't his best friend from High school lives in NO now and he did make it by, but wasn't there when the picture was made..and the little girl in blue's Hubby was taking the picture...Ronnie and MinMin was suppose to go but Ronnie had to work all night Fri. night...he wasn't a happy camper..
There is blue in this one....his shirt, don't you just love the cake...NOT..I said she was a sweet DIL, I didn't say she was said it actually tasted pretty good..I bet it did.
The mug he recived from the Hotel bar for his Birthday, it also has blue in it...
The sweet DIL and BB, on the balcony over looking the French Quarters
Here are some pictures from their Balcony
In case they decided to get to roudy the police were everywhere down there. Hope you enjoyed this little stroll down Bourdon street and the French Quarters, I know there are a couple of my blogging friends who know this area and I hope it brings them sweet memories....Dear DIL wrote on her facebook that these folks never sleep at night, she needs her ear could have told her not to try to sleep over the French doesn't shut down till day light.

Soon and very Soon....

This morning while visiting my friends in Blog Town, I had a word placed on my heart, there is so much worry and sorrow in the world today, uncertainty about jobs, health Insurance, wars, some folks faced with losing their home. And while leaving a comment on a dear friends blog, these words jumped into my mind...Soon and very soon we are going to see the King, I don't know why because I haven't heard this song in years, but I had to go to You tube and search it out. I hope you will listen to the words, there is so much hope in them, the pain and sorrow we feel now, in this world will one day be gone and we will live with our King and the words of this song says it all...
(be sure turn my player off)

Have a Bless day and remember the words "And this too shall pass"

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Re-Run Sunday ......Lazy afternoon Sunday, more freezer meals

It's time again for Sunday Favorite Re-runs, a new Meme hosted by Chari over @ happytodesign It is so much fun to go back and re-run some of my favorite post.
This is a post I did right after I first started my blog back in Jan....And it continues the theme I've been doing all week...Putting up good summer veggies for winter time use.....

Lazy afternoon Sunday, more freezer meals
I had a very lazy day today. I made a big, big pot of homemade soup for lunch, We love home made vegetable soup. I usually make it out of ham that I have left over from a meal, but since my freezer needs filling with already cooked freezer meals and there is no baked ham in my near future, I bought a nice 2lb. bone in, ham just to make soup out of. I even cut a couple of sliced off to cook with our pancakes this morning. I got up at 6:30 this morning and put it on to cook very slow. When I returned home at dinner time it was ready and DH didn't even have to stir it.
Here is how I fixed it.
Doesn't that look yummy on a cold winters day......
Home made ham and veg soup
I used a lg boiler, with about 4 cups of water
cut ham into large cubes, added cubes and ham bone to pot
We raise a garden every year so I have plenty of frozen veggies to use.
I added 1 qt of field peas
1 qt of butter beans
1 qt of tomatoes,
1 pt of cut okra
2 cans corn..don't drain (Now I'm not wasting my good corn in homemade soup so I buy cans of whole kernal corn just for this purpose)
I also like some string beans and carrots in it, but DH doesn't so, I get by him by using 2 cups of the frozen mixed veggies you can buy in the freezer at your local market..(I buy it in bulk, alot cheaper that way and keep it in freezer) it has more corn so he is happy with that.
Salt & pepper to taste
1 large onion chopped.
I bring it to a broil and then reduce heat and let it simmer for about 3 1/2 hrs.
About 20 mins before it is done I add noodles, usually macaroni, but what ever I have on hand will work.
Picture of it cooked with out noodles...
When I am going to freeze it, I don't put the noodles in until I thaw it out and cook it for supper, then I threw the noodles in, while it's cooking I make a large pone of cornbread and a pitcher of ice tea.
Instant meal.
Today I made enough for our dinner & supper and put 4 qts in the freezer for future use.
I got 6 meals for an average of $1.75 each. How cool is that.

Time moves on so quick....

Last Monday I was going through my pictures to find the ones I wanted to put in my new photo cabinet...I told ya about it yesterday on Get R Done Fri, well I found a couple that I shared with y'all on Wordless Wednesday and several of you wanted to know who the children in the pictures were, 
I love this picture, it looks like he was saying ok, what do I do with him now? LOL..Redman has just filled his diaper full.
 This is a picture I made of my oldest Grandson Keifer, (son of my middle boy)  when he was 7 and his little cousin Redman (son of my oldest son) was 2 weeks old. They are all grown up now..the picture above was made 12 yrs ago and Keif is 19 now and Redman is 12, he celebrated his 12 birthday July 3.
 This is Keif's Senior me he still looks the same. My.... they grow up so fast.
And Redman doesn't seem like he should be 12 already soon be a teenager...oh my.
This is Redman last yr when he killed his deer, notice he's on the phone, who he's talking too, ...hummm..yep you got it, he had to call Keifer to tell him about his deer. The first words out of his mouth when Keifer answered was " ok, I got my deer, when you going to kill one" always that friendly compitition...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Get-R-Done Friday saving pictures...

It's time again for Get-R-Done Friday over at ClassyChassy, so be sure and go by and check out the other great projects and tell Classy thanks for hosting this for us.
Today, my get r done Friday, is a project I have been wanting to do for years... How many of you don't have pictures taken over the years, stuck in every little nook and cranny of your house....if you say me...then I bow to you. Me personally, I have over 48 yrs of pictures stuck in a large ceder chest DH built me years ago. And a ton of Albums.
Pictures every where....
Then several weeks ago I was over at Southern Lady's place and spied this little gem.....
So with out wasting time I messaged her and asked where she got it, she told me and in a blink of an eye I had it ordered and on it's way, when I recieved it, it was in about 50 pieces
and took about 30 mins to put together
Now it did hold a lot of pictures but not nearly all of mine, I am going to order 2 more.
This is where I've got this one setting and just love it. Putting it together was a lot easier than going through all those pictures. I thought Retired Maggie looked pretty good sitting on top of it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Good morning Y'all it's wordless Wednesday again over at Dixie's place, but while Dixie is taking a break
Heather at Simply Joyful Photos has agreed to host it for her, be sure and tell Heather how much we appreciate her doing this for us.

Today's wordless Weds is  Bloggers Choice.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Canning and working and wishing...and falling..

Sorry I haven't been around for awhile, but life had an Aloette Party Sat night so I was busy getting house cleaned and in order, while the garden was deciding....with all the rain we've been getting (Thank You Lord) to start making again, again (thank you Lord). So I spent Fri. shucking and creaming corn to blanch and put in freezer...Hummm doesn't it look good, sorry I didn't get pictures of it put up, and it is the maze of my full freezer...
Along with mopping the whole house. Sat morning I had to fix snacks for the party. It turned out real good. Then Sunday I went to Mo-Mo's 8th Birthday party. And crashed after that ...boy was I wore out.
Yesterday I worked on a project that I will show y'all on Get R Done Friday. Late yesterday evening I stepped on a piece of tape that was on a box I was using in the project. Well I set down in a rocker and reached down to pull it off, you can imagine my shock when I set back up after pulling the tape off, and the rocker flew out from under me..let me tell you it was a shock when my behind connected with the floor. I think my brain, what is left of it shook for 30 mins. I can tell you it wasn't a pretty sight me stretched out in the middle of the den, DH came running and wanted to help me up, but I told him I had to do it myself. He'd never get me up....needless to say I ordered my Nutrisystem last night. It didn't take but about 30 mins until I was so sore all over and my back was killing me. I still hurt from head to toe this evening.
Any ways today I decided to can my tomatoes, We have really been making some pretty ones this year..
washed and ready to go in the blanching pot...
blanching so I can peel the skin off easier....
Boiling the lids while the maters are getting blanched

peeled and quartered ready for the jars

I got 7 quart jars
putting them in the water bath to cook for 45 mins.

my finished product...more to do tomorrow or Thursday.
Sorry I've been a bad girl and not dropping by much....I will be trying to stay in touch more.