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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

On the Road to Natchez...and pickles

Good Morning Y'all, I just dropped by to let everyone know that Sis and I are on the road again...woo-hoo, it's been awhile, but bright and early this morning we will be hitting the road to do a little Junkin' and taking in the beautiful sights of the old Historic town of Natchez....but this trip will be a wee bit different, this time we are taking another partner in crime with us, she's only 8 but she's already a master at finding GOOD it isn't any telling what we will come back with...she is such a little smart for her age, if you happen to run across us, you'd think it was 2 children and an adult...hee-haw...her being the adult.
I'll be sure and take my camera and get some good pictures every chance I can....
Now I guess you are wondering what does pickles have to do with our junkin' trip, well really nothingggg, I wanted to show y'all what Rissa and I did yesterday, I had picked what few cukes we had made before the blooms started falling off because of the heat...yep, we water them, soaker hose all day. Don't help alot, I've found only God's good rain helps plants grow like they should.
But anyhow I was surfing my favorite blogs and ran across this recipe for Refrigerator pickles over at Coloradolady's blog, check it out for the recipe......
So when I got the stuff out to make it with, Rissa asked if she could help, I told her ok, but I had to do the cutting up and she could help me measure and do the rest...well I want you to know she took over after I got everything cut up and here is proof...
 cukes waiting to be cut up, had more than this but forgot to take picture untill I got half way through...
 used the crinkle cutter from Pampered chep, my I love that thing...
Patiently waiting for me to get everything cut up...
Proud of her
 adding the garlic..
Next comes the red pepper flakes
Next comes making the liquid to go over them, first add your vinegar
Carefully add the  sugar
Next add, tureric, celery seeds, mustard seeds  and sea salt....
and stir some more...
adding the liquid, Granny poured the hot stuff for her...
Her finished product, not bad for an 8 yr. old....she could have packed them a little fuller but, for her first time, it's not bad.
Well I'mm taking off, we headed to Cracker Barrel for spending time with my Rissa and my Sis....
Hope y'all have a great day.


  1. MMMM on the pickles! Great job!

    Goodness! I wish y'all lived closer! I've said that before, I know, but it would be so much fun "junkin" and havin a taste of those pickles.

    Safe travels!

  2. Molly, what a sweet helper you have! The pickles look delicious and I know they'll taste even better when you think about Rissa helping you make them.

    Hope you find lots of good stuff on your trip to Natchez. We were there this past weekend, but I didn't find many "junk" places.

  3. Rissa is such a good little helper! I just looked outside and I think we may have had some rain. We got a downpour the other day and so did the ballfield. They played 3 innings and then had to call it because the infield was too squisshy. The General Manager, Steve DeSalvo, had made the decision not to put the tarp on the field, wrong decision.

    I am ready to go junkin' when you are. The bad thing is though, I was just looking at my calendar and I am not sure when I can. The pitching coach's wife flies in Friday. I have to go pick her up. I am not sure how long she will be staying. I know it will only be a few days. Maybe she likes to junk. I have never met her, so I don't know. Then I am leaving on the 8th to go to Birmingham, then up to Nashville to take Brett to the Vanderbilt baseball camp. Then I will meet the M-Braves in Sevierville, TN. I will stay there a few days before heading for mama's in SC. Then mama, Brett and I are heading to UNC for another baseball camp. I will be back in MS on August 3rd. My daughter Britnee is coming up. I will be here the rest of that week, then probably head home to Texas. Whew! We will figure something out. Maybe that last week I'm here.

    I am heading to Clinton for a couple of days to stay with friends. Hope you have success in Natchez. Talk to you soon!

  4. Enjoy your trip!

    SHe did a great job on the pickles. Kuddos to her.

    ~Mrs. M

  5. Have fun in Natchez... it's such a beautiful little town! I like that pickle recipe that you and Rissa made... I make one very similar and it's always my favorite pickle of the season!

    can't wait to see the goodies you buy!

  6. It's such a good idea to pass along kitchen skills. Rissa must be proud.

  7. Have a great trip. Love Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Pickles look delicious.

  8. How much fun !! The pickles look so good, and your little precious grand looks as if she enjoyed helping with them. I always helped my mother can and so did my sons, we loved it !
    Hope you had a great trip.

  9. Those pickles look great! Canning and preserving are definately good skills to know.
    Looks like you have a great helper who knows her stuff!!


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