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Molly's Country Memories

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Treasures from Natchez

Last week I went to Natchez on a girls day out with my Sis and oldest GD, Rissa, we went sight seeing and of course junking. I have shown  pictures and told about our sightseeing, so today I'm going to show you the treasures we found, well I should say treasures Rissa found. Firt I have to tell you this little girl loves to go junkin and she can find all kind of goodies. Well this time we only found 1 junkin' store in Natchez but we both hit the jackpot were special items are concerned. I showed you my that I found, I hung it in the bath room for keep my hair brushes and combs in, well I kinda tweaked it a little and it looks like this now...also added the white enamel Hospital water pitcher to the cabinet top with tulips in it...
Next I found this beautiful large silver tray and can you believe it was only $3.00. It is huge and has such  beautiful work around the outside and the handle, plus it sits on little feet. It will only take a little elbow grease to shine it up....woo-hoo....

Next is Rissa's fines, she loves Barbies and she was digging through a big basket of Barbies, which were just toooo expensive, but you can just imagine the look on her face when she moved a few items and this was stareing back at was love at first sight...she asked me how much it was but there was no tag, so she headed to the owner and asked, first he said 20.00 but finally told her she could have it for $15.00 but that he couldn't go any I'm sure you all know I would have paid 20.00 in a heart beat for it, since she wanted it so bad, BUT $15.00 was good....she has carried it around like a baby ever since we got's almost as big as she
You just haven't lived untill you check on the girls in the middle of the night and they are both sound asleep.. then walk in the living room and find this asleep on your nearly had a heart attackuntil I realized it 
 was just the doll. Put to bed like a baby.

She also found this Barbie Horse for $3.00. And she added it to her collection of Barbie horses...

When we came back to Brookhaven she found this little top for $1.50 at the Brookhaven GW
She also found this unopened Fairy Princess puzzle for .25 cents

And this salt and pepper shaker set for her Nanna in TN who collects cows.. this was ,50 cents

Isn't this just the cutest set....
 and  I found these 2 tiny little glass covers for .25 cents each......
Well that is our finds for the day. When she comes home, I want to take her to McComb junkin' there are several big stores down there. Hope y'all have a great day.


  1. That Barbie is awesome, and I love the cow salt/pepper shaker too.

  2. Great finds. That is a Barbie there! I would have had to change my pants if I would have found that barbie sleeping on the couch!!

  3. Looks like you are training your GD early.

  4. What great finds. I wish I could get my daughter interested in doing this, but at 16 she has "other things to do with her friends."

  5. Howdy Molly
    Awwwww what great treasures.
    You really have one sweet shopper .
    I am so glad she found her own treasures and she really is thrifty too
    even better ya'll can go shopping another day :)
    When you get your beautiful tray all shined up you'll have to set out the tea things and show it off again .
    You really hit the jackpot girl !
    Take care.
    Blessings to you and yours .
    Happy Trails

  6. What great finds! I've never seen a Barbie like that! Hope you're having a blessed week.

  7. Rissa is a great "runnin' buddy," she can almost out-junk her grandma, I can offer no higher praise!!! Ha ha, guess it's in her blood!!!

  8. Great treasures, fun and memories made !
    Love your finds, blessings to you dear one !

  9. I love to go junkin too, but haven't had time lately to do it. Great finds. Looks like ya'll had lots of fun.

  10. I laughed when I saw the barbie wrapped up and put to bed nicely!!! Adorable!

  11. Oh that is so funny, Molly! I had to laugh because the same thing happened to our son, Colt. Joy had her My Twinn doll all set up at the table one evening. Colt came home from work late and turned on the light in the kitchen to see her standing there and it scared him silly! He doesn't like dolls, particularly anyway. He has always thought they were scary and so were clowns, so I can just imagine! Love that barbie though! That's huge!

    By the way, do you live in Brookhaven, Ms? My friends have family there and they go visit there fairly often.

    Have a great evening! Wish I could have been there junkin' with ya!



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