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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Canning and working and wishing...and falling..

Sorry I haven't been around for awhile, but life had an Aloette Party Sat night so I was busy getting house cleaned and in order, while the garden was deciding....with all the rain we've been getting (Thank You Lord) to start making again, again (thank you Lord). So I spent Fri. shucking and creaming corn to blanch and put in freezer...Hummm doesn't it look good, sorry I didn't get pictures of it put up, and it is the maze of my full freezer...
Along with mopping the whole house. Sat morning I had to fix snacks for the party. It turned out real good. Then Sunday I went to Mo-Mo's 8th Birthday party. And crashed after that ...boy was I wore out.
Yesterday I worked on a project that I will show y'all on Get R Done Friday. Late yesterday evening I stepped on a piece of tape that was on a box I was using in the project. Well I set down in a rocker and reached down to pull it off, you can imagine my shock when I set back up after pulling the tape off, and the rocker flew out from under me..let me tell you it was a shock when my behind connected with the floor. I think my brain, what is left of it shook for 30 mins. I can tell you it wasn't a pretty sight me stretched out in the middle of the den, DH came running and wanted to help me up, but I told him I had to do it myself. He'd never get me up....needless to say I ordered my Nutrisystem last night. It didn't take but about 30 mins until I was so sore all over and my back was killing me. I still hurt from head to toe this evening.
Any ways today I decided to can my tomatoes, We have really been making some pretty ones this year..
washed and ready to go in the blanching pot...
blanching so I can peel the skin off easier....
Boiling the lids while the maters are getting blanched

peeled and quartered ready for the jars

I got 7 quart jars
putting them in the water bath to cook for 45 mins.

my finished product...more to do tomorrow or Thursday.
Sorry I've been a bad girl and not dropping by much....I will be trying to stay in touch more.


  1. You will enjoy those this winter, won't you? I'm looking forward to seeing your new project.

  2. Oh how pretty those jars look. I just love canning. There's something about it that just makes me happy.

    The creamed corn looks yummy. I've never done it that way. I will have to try that.

    ~Mrs. M

  3. We've been at the canning too. Today I made 34 jars of apricot/pineapple jam. Tomorrow it's blueberry pie filling.

  4. Molly,

    Bless your heart....I hope you're feeling a little better! No wonder you're sore!

    Your tomatoes make my mouth water! They do look wonderful!


  5. I love tomatoes, I simply can't eat them anymore. They do not agree with me. Yours look fabulous!!

  6. have never done any canning myself...but my tastebuds are watering remembering the spoils of my grandmother's work!

  7. I remember helping my mom can jar after jar of tomatoes. The final tomato made such a funny sound as it was pushed down onto the others in the jar.

  8. When my boys were small, I did a lot of canning - tomatoes included! Jams and jellies filled the basement cupboards along side peaches and the tomatoes. I did make catsup one year, but after 19 hours of simmering and it STILL was not completed, I decided it was not worth smelling up the entire house with tomaotey-sweetness combined with the vinegar (remained for weeks afterward!) and decided it was easier to buy it at the store, and the flavor was the same! UGH - I still remember the house scents!

  9. Molly, Sorry about your accident, I have a few every now and then. You work too hard with all the canning...I tried that one time, but it didn't work for is not my thing.

    Thanks for coming by and leaving such nice comments and supporting me when I needed it.

    I will be staying home till Fri, trying to catch up on house work and some blogging.

    Thanks again dear friend.

  10. Oh, Molly, I'm so sorry to hear about your fall. I hope this finds you feeling better and getting some rest after all that hard work.

    I was delighted to hear that you've published some books with Blurb. They make such nice keepsakes and gifts.

    Take care now ...


  11. Aching back and ouch...probably butt...AND still canning? Amazing! Glad to see you're stoppin in to blog...and showing us your "projects" so I'm looking forward to friday...
    aee you then...Hugs and try to rest a bit!

  12. Hope you are feeling better!

    and Molly, I know I've said this before...but how fun to live near you!! with the treasure hunting... painting, canning, etc!

    My mom was truly amazing at so many things, gardening, cooking, canning, crafting, sewing, crocheting, etc etc! She had passed away in 2004, and since I married quite young and moved away with my military hubby, I wasnt able to spend as much time with her as I would have loved to have!

    Growing up, I didnt take the opportunity to learn some of what she could have shown me. (I'm thankful that she taught me how to crochet, sew and that I got some of her artistic genes :o)

    So, it would be wonderful to have a friend who knew how to can or loved to go antiquing and that lived near.

  13. Oh Molly! I hope you are okay and feeling a little less sore today. My gosh, you could have really hurt yourself. Now to this canning business. I'll take (1) quart of tomatoes and (1) cream corn please to go? It all looks so wonderful, and makes me homesick for my Grandma. I have such fond memories of watching her can. The aroma in the house always smelled so good, but boy was the kitchen a hot place to be. Thank you for the memory this morning. Please stop by and say hi. From one Smith to another. Country Hugs, Sherry

  14. Molly, Your canning looks beautiful!!! Now, get some rest! You must be tired after all that! Nancy

  15. Good heavens, Molly! Please be careful! I can't stand rocking chairs for that very reason! They are too wobbly, it's like trying to sit on something that tries to wiggle out from under you or buck you off!!!

    You sure got a lot done, despite that nasty surprise fall!

  16. Gosh Molly, hope you are better now. Corn and tomatoes look to die for.

  17. Wonderful memories, Molly!!! I wish I had a quart of those home-canned tomatoes for the dish of "red gravy" I'm cooking for supper. It was my Aunt-in-Memphis's recipe, completely taken over and claimed for her own by my Mother. We had it often, and it's so easy to make---just brown the meat, (in tonight's case, chicken thighs) and layer on a couple of big sliced onions, a sliced bell pepper, and four or five of the biggest ripest tomatoes from the garden (we even think leaving the skins on is a nice memory, cause Mother did it) Or a quart of home-canned, or as tonight, a coupla cans of Hunt's diced. Salt and pepper, a sprinkle of sugar, lid on, and let the whole thing simmer down into a luscious chunky gravy, with the tender bits of chicken falling right off the bones.

    To be truly authentic, serve over Uncle Ben's, but Chris prefers pasta, so I'm using angel hair, and passing the block of Parmesan and my new microplane.

    This also brought me back to those HOTTTT Mississippi summers when I'd can 300/400 quarts of stuff, and have to store it up the stairs, under beds, etc., but it sure was nice to have all that wonderful food ready to hand in the cold days.

  18. First of all, I hope that you aren't too sore today. Goodness, those dang chairs!
    Nice pics of your canning. I used to do a lot of that decades ago, and miss it now. Always had a huge garden when the kids were young, and filled the freezer and pantry every summer. Thanks for making me remember those days by seeing your post today! You're a hard workin' woman girl!

  19. Molly,
    I couldn't resist linking your beautiful canned tomatoes in today's LAWN TEA post. They inspired me to go off on a canning/pickling tangent (onscreen only, as our vines are loaded, but not quite ready for all that).


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