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Molly's Country Memories

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Marco Monday and an explanation....

First I'd like to say I am so sorry I've not been able to post or visit as much as usual, but I am having trouble with my eyes again. I know the one's of you who follow my blog remembers I have had several attacks of Staph in my eyes in the last few months. This past week and week-end it has gotten worse and even the slightest light or straining causes a lot of pain. I have moments when it doesn't hurt and of course instead of letting them rest, I try to take pictures or blog...sigh.. I just never learn, but I do have an appointment with a Ophthalologist on the 10th of March..
I managed to take some pictures this morning of our Bradford Pears..and wanted to share...
So I am joining Marco Monday over at Lisa's Chaos, why not come and join us....Macro Monday is easy to play, snap a macro (or any close-up) photo, post it on your blog
This shot was taken last tree was just starting to bud out..
This one was taken on Sat..
Can you believe this was just taken this fast they bloomed out...
I hope you all have a blessed week and in the famous words of Arnold..."I'LL BE BACK"

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday Show and Tail

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One morning last week, I'm not sure what day, maybe Weds or Thurs. I decided to check out the fog, It's been so foggy every morning here for the last week. I wanted to see how bad it was in the hollow beside the house. I am always so worried about the kids headed to Co-Lin they just don't understand you've got to SLOW down in fog...we have so many wrecks every year because of the fog up here. But now I'm getting off subject..old age causes my mind to
Any how on this particular morning when I raised the blinds I noticed there was a bird setting on the feeder that didn't move, usually they fly away, but she just set there, I was amazed, so I grabbed my camera and starting snapping pictures. She sat there for a good 20 minutes after I opened the blinds..
can you see her?
Maybe if I get a little closer?
OK what about now?....She's Sleeping, I've never seen one sleep hanging onto the side of a wire feeder. DH wondered if maybe she was sick..I hope she was just tired, but she did sit awfully still for along time.
Levi finally came out of the pasture and it scared her and she flew off into the fog. I hope she was ok.
The fog sure was heavy this morning...again, but no bird on the feeder. Just a calf in the pasture
Hope you have a happy and Blessed day.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Blue Monday and a Special Day

Smiling Sally
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I'm late again, it seems like I am always busy and can't find time to get on here and blog and visit my friends..I miss you all when I don't get to stop by.
Yesterday was a very Special Day in the life of my Marrisa.
Let me start at the beginning, My family is Baptist, as is my DH's. When middle son, met his wife She was born and raised a Catholic, but neither one was totally devout in either one, so when Marissa was born they knew they would have to make a choice and visited around to different Churches, but when they went to St. Jude's in Pearl, they knew they had found their home. Middle Boy converted and had his first communion 4 yrs ago and yesterday our Sweet Baby Girl was Baptized and celebrated her first Communion..we were so proud of her. Our whole family, older son, his wife and 2 kids, Baby Boy and his wife and DH and I went to Richland to celebrate with her. Her Granny from TN even came down. She choose a private Baptising with just her family, It was a beautiful Service and we remained for her First Communion. Then all went out to eat lunch..Her God-Parents and their 2 Grands went with us so all in all there was 17 in the group.

 Al has on a BLUE shirt and DIL has some BLUE in her shirt

 Marissa's God Parents

 She is such a beautiful child
 The whole Smith Family +  DIL's Mom is the lady in the tan shirt...The Prist laughing said, he'd never preached to so many Baptist at one time in his life...
Bubba loves is Poo the BLUE in the Stain Glass window...

I am truly Blessed...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A walk down memory lane...

 As most of you know I live between the 2 small towns of Brookhaven on the south and Wesson on the north, Tues. my Sis and I had lunch in Wesson at a Bed and Breakfast that was once one of the old Mill Houses from Wesson's Golden is a little info about the History of Wesson...This was a huge plant, I would have loved to been around to see this splend sight.
The Town of Wesson, Mississippi, was founded in 1864, during the Civil War, by Col. James Madison Wesson. Having lost his mills at Bankston, Mississippi, Wesson relocated to the town that now bears his name. There he built the Mississippi Manufacturing company which produce a fine quality cotton fabric. In 1871 he sold the mill to Captain William Oliver and Mr. John T. Hardy who renamed it the Mississippi Mills. The mills became famous for the quality of cotton fabric produced which was dubbed "Mississippi silk" at the centennial celebration of 1876. A product of the industrial revolution Wesson, Mississippi, and the mills located there, began to utilize the new technology of the rapidly changing age. One year after Thomas Edison perfected the light bulb the Mississippi Mills put them to use. It was said that passengers on the evening train from New Orleans to Memphis would rush to the windows when passing through Wesson in order to see the marvelous lights.
This prosperity, however, came to an end after the death of Captain Oliver in 1891. Financial difficulties followed by the economic "Panic of 1893", family conflict, and labor disputes caused the mills to fall into receivership in the early 1900's. finally they were dismantled and sold for scrap during the First World War.
Wesson is a town with a glorious past, an outstanding present, and a promising future. In its transition from a milling town which produced the best material in the world, to an education town with a community college which ranks at the top scholastically, Wesson is unique. The first public school in Wesson was built in 1875, and the community college was added in 1928. Statistics show that the town is "on the move" with creativity, ingenuity, dedications that exists in the Copiah County town of Wesson.

In 1889 a new School was built in Wesson and it was simply called the Wesson School, it housed the 1-12 grades. It was built in the Romanesque style of the Mississippi Mills.. While in Wesson I dropped by the old school and took some is a beautiful place...

I tried to find more info about the school but was not able to find out very much more, I did find this picture of the 1909 class. You can see it is taken on the front steps and they still look the same after 100 yrs.
I wish I could have went inside but was not able to...
I did find this picture of what one of the rooms looked like in 1909
And we think Our class rooms are big...
I hope you have enjoyed a trip into the past of my little town..and learning a little of it's History.