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Molly's Country Memories

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

It's time for Show and Tail Tuesday over at Angela's place West Virgina Treasures stop by and check her out.
Last week I told you about ChiChi trying to sneak a bone in the house and hiding (burying) it in her bed. LOL, she is so bad and funny. Well this week she's still at it. My little girl hates bad weather, she will walk or creep from room to room looking for a safe place to hide. I know when bad weather is coming before the TV weatherman does.
Last Wedsnday we had some really bad weather move in and I had to laugh at my little girl, she walked and hunted a spot for about an hour before it even looked bad outside ..
In this shot she was trying to hide between HER heat, and the Dresser
yes we have central heat but she loved to lay in from of this wall heater so DH turns it on low for her. Can we say spoiled?
Well she moved from place to place and I got busy cooking supper, when I heard DH say, "ChiChi get out of there, go get in your bed" so I grabed my camera and went to see where she was this time..Can you see her?

She had crawled behind an old picnic basket DH uses to store some of his shell loading equitment and was on the bottom shelf of his book shelf. She is so silly...
Here she is after DH made her move and get in her can see how scared she is by looking in those pitifully sad eyes..."Do I got to?"
oh well, I'll just curl up and go to sleep.
She later hid under my bed and stayed there all night. My little girl does not like bad weather.
Hope you day is bright and sunny.


  1. Molly I have a scaredy-dog too. She is an excellent weather forcaster just like Chi-Chi. Have you heard of the Thundershirt? Google it. My Sadie was so afraid of storms she would shake, drool and pant. The Thundershirt has helped her very much. Now she feels less anxious and does not shake, pant or drool. She is still anxious, but much less so. Fireworks are also hard for her and the Thundershirt does not ease her fear of those.... No storms today I hope Chi-Chi! Ann

  2. Poor ChiChi. He could have let her stay hidden....

  3. Oh my gosh Molly! I am laughing out loud over ChiChi! She is so FUNNY! lol How in the world did your husband even see her hiding on that shelf? lol That's a first for me. I've never seen a dog try to hide like that! lol Gotta love it that she is so spoiled that she has her own heater! I just love the gray face she has too!

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

  4. Growing up our little Suzy looked just like your Chi Chi. She was a nervour nelly too. Does
    Chi Chi like to be covered up with a blanket in her little bed? Suzy always did, in fact she learned how to cover herself up.

  5. Oh your little girl is such a corker! Isn't it funny how each and every pet we have has such a unique personality?

  6. Oh, Molly, she is just just a little luv muffin!! She really wanted to be behind that basket, didn't she?....:)JP

  7. How cute and I don't blame her at all - this winter has been cold! sandie


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