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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Show and Tail

It's time for Show and Tail Tuesday over at Angela's place West Virgina Treasures stop by and check her out.

One morning last week, I'm not sure what day, maybe Weds or Thurs. I decided to check out the fog, It's been so foggy every morning here for the last week. I wanted to see how bad it was in the hollow beside the house. I am always so worried about the kids headed to Co-Lin they just don't understand you've got to SLOW down in fog...we have so many wrecks every year because of the fog up here. But now I'm getting off subject..old age causes my mind to
Any how on this particular morning when I raised the blinds I noticed there was a bird setting on the feeder that didn't move, usually they fly away, but she just set there, I was amazed, so I grabbed my camera and starting snapping pictures. She sat there for a good 20 minutes after I opened the blinds..
can you see her?
Maybe if I get a little closer?
OK what about now?....She's Sleeping, I've never seen one sleep hanging onto the side of a wire feeder. DH wondered if maybe she was sick..I hope she was just tired, but she did sit awfully still for along time.
Levi finally came out of the pasture and it scared her and she flew off into the fog. I hope she was ok.
The fog sure was heavy this morning...again, but no bird on the feeder. Just a calf in the pasture
Hope you have a happy and Blessed day.


  1. Wow, it really was foggy there! Nice shots :-)

  2. The fog may have made her wings wet so it was harder to fly. Sounds good photos. I love the view out your window.

  3. I LOVE early morning fog on the bayou---the kind where you squint at familiar places and can almost make out something totally unreal. And the mist on your face, and the hush of the scene, with the fog so thick you can open your mouth and feel it fill, like cotton candy.

    Your photo skills are just remarkable.

  4. Wow! It sure does get Fooogggyyy at your house! My first thought was that she was stuck there because of the cold but it isn't that cold where you live compared to where I live so I knew that wasn't it. That is wild how it was just sitting there like that. It must had slept there all night perhaps because it looked too early for the birds to be awake! Cool picture of the cow in the fog too!

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

  5. It's amazing how long a Female Cardinal will stay in one position. I just experienced this just last weekend and posted about it on my photo blog which is linked to my post for Show and Tail. Your shots are really great and the fog gives everything such a mystical look.

  6. That fog is so awesome. I love how it blocks out so much of the world so we have to focus on what is in front of us. Nice photos!

  7. I've never seen behavior like that before in a cardinal, usually they are in and out. Maybe the fog had her bewitched.

  8. That was a mama cardinal - hope she was okay too. We had fog one day last week as well.

    So the cow in the pasture - is it yours?



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