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Molly's Country Memories

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shadow shot Sunday standing in the Shadow

Hey y'all I'm back to posting on Shadow Shot Sunday, click here to check out of SSS pictures,

It has been on again off again rain/sunshine for nearly 2 weeks here in Central Mississippi, We finally got several days of beautiful sunshine and I have been enjoying watching my feathered friends scurrying around looking for food before the next cold front moves in. I spotted this beautiful Blue Jay flying around from branch to branch and then down to the ground searching for something, acorns, bugs, worms...anything to fill his desire for food.. 
And it made me think, how often as humans do we search here and there for something. Something that we think will make us happy, something we desire to fill that empty spot in our lives. Just like this Blue Jay we search in the darkness (of sin) never looking to the light (of our Lord and Savior).
And much like this Blue Jay who stepped into the light and found food, all we need to do is step into the light of God's love and find Jesus who will fill our every need.
Have you stepped into the light, do you feel the warmth and love of God's sunshine around you.
I pray you have a wonderful Sunday and week ahead filled with the warmth of God's love.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful words, Molly - so thought provoking today and such a perfect "illustration" with your photography!

  2. I LOVE your Sermon in a Shadow Sundays!!

    Hope you're staying warm---it's FORTY-NINE right now!!!!! I almost wore shorts to brunch.


  3. I like your little "parable"!


    A seeker of shadows one day
    Asked shadows to come out and play:
    “O shadows, my dears,
    Despite all my fears,
    I hope you will not run away.”

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Subtle Shadows

  4. Yes and yes - me too Molly! I love your beautiful pictures. Love from the other Molly xx

  5. He's pretty. I was glad to see a beautiful weekend.


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