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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Marco Flower Saturady

Macro Flowers Saturday badge 1
Welcome to a new round of Macro Flowers Saturday, it's been awhile since we have had flowers in bloom around here, LOL, but Spring is a day soon I hope.
Today I do have a few pictures of my surprise flower...let me explain, I am not a house flower person..oh I love them but for some reason they don't love me and usually die soon after I buy one and bring it in the house..sigh, so of course when my DIL's mom gave me an Orchid for Christmas 2 yrs ago I enjoyed it till the flowers died and put it in my kitchen window where it has sit unproductive ever can you imagine my surprise Tuesday when I went to wipe out my window and noticed this...
Excuse the dirty window, haven't been able in this cold to wash the outside of does it need cleaning, but as I said Spring is a coming.
can you see them?

I was sooo excited, I had to grab my camera and get proof that I can keep a flower alive long enough to at least bud out, my Momma would be so proud. Now folks there was a lady who could make anything grow she had a green thumb that was go green it was almost black..wish I'd took after her.
Hope you all have a Blessed week end.


  1. That's neat, Molly ... can't wait to see it open!

  2. Now you make me green with envy. This plant looks so healthy and you don't even care for it.
    I'm monitoring each millimeter of a new stem and the buds are still drying and falling.
    Beautiful shots and flower.

  3. Orchids are lovely though they can be a bit temperamental. Isn't it a thrill when when you come across unexpected little shoots. Would love to see a picture too when it blooms. Hope you are feeling much better. Love from the other Molly xx

  4. How fun. I can't wait to see it in full bloom. I am so with you on indoor plants. I have a few small plants around the house, but nothing that takes to much work as I am horrible about keeping the indoor ones alive.
    Have a great Saturday!

  5. I am glad you have some flower to take a picture up - flowers = spring and I am ready.

    Happy Valentine's Day.


  6. I don't even want to talk about dirty windows.....

    I don't have any luck with inside plants.


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