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Molly's Country Memories

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Time moves on so quick....

Last Monday I was going through my pictures to find the ones I wanted to put in my new photo cabinet...I told ya about it yesterday on Get R Done Fri, well I found a couple that I shared with y'all on Wordless Wednesday and several of you wanted to know who the children in the pictures were, 
I love this picture, it looks like he was saying ok, what do I do with him now? LOL..Redman has just filled his diaper full.
 This is a picture I made of my oldest Grandson Keifer, (son of my middle boy)  when he was 7 and his little cousin Redman (son of my oldest son) was 2 weeks old. They are all grown up now..the picture above was made 12 yrs ago and Keif is 19 now and Redman is 12, he celebrated his 12 birthday July 3.
 This is Keif's Senior me he still looks the same. My.... they grow up so fast.
And Redman doesn't seem like he should be 12 already soon be a teenager...oh my.
This is Redman last yr when he killed his deer, notice he's on the phone, who he's talking too, ...hummm..yep you got it, he had to call Keifer to tell him about his deer. The first words out of his mouth when Keifer answered was " ok, I got my deer, when you going to kill one" always that friendly compitition...


  1. What great pictures and precious memories, such handsome boys !

  2. Well Molly being a vegetarian I am going to just pretend the word "deer" is the word "carrot." LOL...Love to see those 2 handsome grandsons of yrs!

  3. What handsome guys! Thanks for sharing the photos! Have a lovely day!

  4. Molly, What great looking guys and you are so right, they grow too fast and we age to fast.

    Happy Weekend.


  5. Cute grandboys. I see they followed tradition and smeared a little blood on him.


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