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Monday, July 13, 2009

Musings from a pack rat........

Good Evening Y'all
 I was visiting some of my blogger friends this evening and stopped by to see Southern Lady and was reading her post about a beautiful old soup tureen, she found at a garage sale. She said she got it for $2.00, the lady having the yard sale, told her it had belonged to her Grandmother, but they were moving and her husband didn't want her to take the heavy tureen with them. Southern Lady  reacted much the same way I would can go to her blog by clicking the Southern Lady above and read all about it.
It got me to thinking, how sad that some people have no sentimental value, concept of heritage, or connection to their past. How could anyone let another person talk them into giving away a treasured item like that. There is no way I could ever get rid of any of my Mom's treasures nor would I ever tell DH he had to get rid of anything that belonged to his Mom or Dad. To me it is like giving part of that person away.
Sadly I see more and more of it everyday, throw away that old junk and buy new modern stuff, there is no loyality to our past, no connection to the folks who have past through our lives.
I have watch HGTV and their Remodeling shows and when the host and interior designer comes in, the first thing they do is try to convience the home owner to get rid of all that stuff, I saw on there the other day, where this lady had a beautiful old Armour that had belonged to her GGM; but because it was so big (and it was beautiful) she had it in the garage,well the designer kept telling she needed to toss it or send it to Good Will. At first she told them no, it meant too much to her, but they just kept on and on,  she started crying and finally said ok, it can go. They just clapped and jumped up and down. Well first thing I would have said is "over my dead body, no way no how"  then I'd  throw THEM out of my house. There is just no sentimental values left.
I just wonder how many other folks feel like I do, how can you just toss or give away something that belonged to your Granny or even your Mom, a part of them.


  1. those blue doors are pretty. I agree with you about keepsake treasures from family. I couldn't let things go either from my mom, GM, or GGM. I would want the things just because no one else wanted the items. I'm glad I have those special items.

  2. Well they wouldn't be working for me if they wanted me to get rid of my stuff especially if it was heirlooms.

    I agree with you, I would never give away or garage sale my GM's or GGM's treasures.

  3. And now a word from the dark side LOL .... I really do appreciate your love of treasures ... but they do pile up LOL. And not all of us have room to show them off as you do. My motto is simplify ... and when my life is unencumbered by "stuff" my spirit is more peaceful and my heart is more open to hold all the memories and love of those that are gone.
    This is in no way a disparagement of all your wonderful things ... I love them all and you wouldn't be my wonderful Molly without your collections.
    Just a reminder that we are not all collectors -- a few choice mementos do me very well thank-you roflol


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