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Molly's Country Memories

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Dolly Wood and Ms. Dolly

When we went to the Fall Jubilee in Gatlinburg, we spent 1 day at Dolly Wood, the Lord blessed us with a beautiful cool sunny day...everything was perfect. And you can imagine our surprise when we found out that, that very day was the day Dolly was going to be there to help celebrate Dolly Wood's 25th birthday. I'm not a die hard country music fan..though I do enjoy it sometimes, but I really admire this lady for her devotion to her Family and her home town, she has provided alot of folks a good living for the last 25 yrs.
I have made a slide show out of just a few of the pictures I took. I didn't get alot of good pictures of Dolly cause time we found out she was there and where she would be singing, the square was full, so I slipped behind the bus and eased as close as I could to the side of the stage, that's the reason my pictures are of the side of her face.
Hope you enjoy
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  1. What a serendipitous day to be there!! And how close you got to the stage! We had exactly the same view of Miss Loretty the first time we went to see her in Memphis---second row on the right of the stage, so we saw her up close and profile.

    That was the time she came out, sang a fast song, then sat down on a little stool with her guitar, saying, "I'm TARD, Y'all!! I done picked and put up fifteen quarts of butterbeans today before I came down here!" Don't you just LOVE her for that?

    I really enjoyed your music and THOSE PICTURES!! I cannot tell you how good you are at photos.

  2. Glad you had a great time. I have always admired Dolly, although like you, I am not a huge fan of country music.


  3. Wow, Molly -- you got some great shots of Dolly (she did look tired, bless her heart, but beautiful, as always) ... and your slideshow was perfect.

    I can't wait to read more about your trip and see your wonderful pictures.

  4. OK you are killing me here Molly! I can't believe Dolly was there - that is sooooo cool!!!
    Beautiful pictures again and I am so jealous!

  5. Just great!! Would have loved that!


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