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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Santa Clause is coming to town...

Well it looks like I've been procrastinating on my blog again. But I really haven't, I've been trying to catch up on some of my little jobs I've been putting off till the last minute...I think I work better under had a special gift to do for a young man & his family, that was in Service with my Chuckie boy. He lives in upstate New York and is still in the Army, he will be spending a week at Fort Shelby in South Mississippi starting this coming Sunday. I can't wait to see him. He is such a wonderful young man and he and Chuck have remained friends since they met at Fort Benning, GA during Basic Training in 1984.
I have painted he and his wife one of my Cyprus Knee Santas.
I didn't think to take any pictures when I first started but here are a few I made when I was about half way through, still had to add hair and hat details...

 And here is the finished produced, I hope they will like it...Santa for Christmas and a Cyprus knee as a momento from the South. 

I always let the knee decide how these will turn out. You can't tell to good but where the top of the hat hangs down by his face, there is a ridge that just made the perfect hat and pompom...


  1. Oh, how pretty, Molly! I know that little Cypress Santa is going to bring many smiles to the faces of your son's friend and his wife during the holidays.

  2. Oh, I love the Santa. You did a really great job and I'm sure that your son's friend is going to really appreciate it.


  3. It's beautiful. They are going to luv it.

  4. Molly your son's friend and his wife will love the Santa you've created for them. Did you paint the angels on your teapot in the back ground too? It's gorgeous!

  5. Molly, if they don't like it - you know my address. That was gorgeous - you are so talented.


  6. Molly, I wish I'd known about these sooner---I'd love to have one someday---perhaps when you're not so busy after the holidays. Maybe sometime about January, you could e-mail me details and prices? I have a special fondness for the scenes of cypress knees, and wish I still had the five-foot shellacked one that was our lamp for years.

    And on that last picture, the depth and perspective is so perfect, I'd swear his hair is in layers over itself.

    You do beat all.


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