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Molly's Country Memories

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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Lifes little ups and downs....keep your eye on the prize

Good morning friends, I hope you are all staying warm and comfy in this unpredictable weather we are having lately. Here in Mississippi we are freezing at night and warming up rather nicely during the day...Flu weather....
Yesterday I was sitting on my patio, yes it warmed up enough to sit out side for awhile..and as usual I had my camera with me just in case...around here there is always something buzzing or flying or crawling around.  
I noticed a Bee sitting on the wall near a cross, he wasn't moving and it is rather unusual to see a Bee this time of year,

so I watched for a few minutes, then I saw another movement...

 another little creature taking advance of the warming rays of sun or is he taking advantaged of a change for a last meal before the winter sets in?

 I watched for about 15 mins as he slipped silently closer and closer, then....

Uh-Oh were is he going, after slowly edging his way toward the Bee, why did he take is eye off the prize?

You can see he is looking at something else....

Ah yes, he spied something else that looked better to him, but..alas the moth wasn't as dormant as the Bee and flew away, in the mean time the Bee flew away also and he was left hanging with neither the Bee or the Moth for lunch..
How often are we like the Lizard? Have you ever  take your eye of the prize, because you see something that looks better than what you have or "the grass looks greener" and wind up loosing both?
I love watching the little creatures God has given us, you can learn so much from them. 
Hope you have a Blessed Day and remember..KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE


  1. Cute post, but so true. Ah, but I guess that is human nature and in a lot of cases animal nature.

    Such as my horses, they can stomp all over pretty green grass to have their heads stuck over the fence.

  2. I'll bet that little lizard is sorry to see you coming, Molly---every time you're there, his dinner order flies away.

    And I love, love your little sweet Simple Sermons; they're much like little parables in Children's Church, and have such good endings.

    One small being was hidden behind the Cross, and the other took wing---quite a story, don't you think?

  3. oh Racheld you are so right, one hid behind the cross and one flew away to safety.

  4. Molly I just knew there was a moral in there somewhere and found it at the bottom of the page - so true! :0)

  5. You were playing "I spy" outside! Hope you have had your flu shot so you won't come down with any bugs. Loved the theme for today's post. Your header pic is really cool!


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