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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A little this n that

Good morning I feel high today, yes, yes I do and I'm not on drugs...I'm just high on life and life is is what we make it and I've decided to make it bright & lite...
I told y'all before Christmas that my husband had got me something special for Christmas it's going to take me a while to learn how to use it but I think, once I've learned how, I am really, really going to enjoy this.
It is called Dragon Naturally Speaking. It's a speak recognition software and once I get all the kinks worked out I think I am really going to enjoy it, just sitting back and doing what I do best, just talking and talk.
The instructions on the box says "stop typing, start talking "Dragon NaturallySpeaking home" makes it faster and easier to create and edit documents or e-mails without typing. Just say words and they appear on the screen .
I can tell right now I'm going to like this but it's going to take a lot of work and a lot of learning on my part. Isn't technology marvelous.
He gave me Photo Shop Elements 9 also, it is sooo much better than 8.
He also gave me a portable scanner, one you don't have to hook to computer, last year and it is really coming in handy this year.
I have started decuttering my life and my home, really decuttering. I have spent the last 2 days doing our bed room, bath and guest room. If I haven't used it in 1 yr it's out of here, I'm also scanning all my paper work and putting it in files on my external hard drive and throwing all the papers out ( shredded first of course).
I have a large file cabinet in my paint room that I haven't been able to get to in 5 I can, it will be cleaned out and all important papers and manuals will be going in there where I can find them...instead of a bunch of small portable file or shoe boxes sitting everywhere.
I took a good look at our bills each month and decided they could be pared down our phone bill, why pay $248.00 a month for cell phones, land line, long distance and Internet...does anyone else see the double pay here, $110.00 for land line and long distance and $95.00 for cell phones that do the same thing..duh.. today I am now paying only $128.00 a month for cell phones (that serve the purpose of a land line) and Internet a grand savings of  $120.00 a month, can we say most of light bill each month.
Next my grocery bill, My name is Marjorie Smith and I am a wasteaholic, but no more, I will put left overs in freezer and use them, when I made my dressing this year for Thanksgiving, instead of letting the celery, green onions and parsley I didn't use sit in frig and ruin, I chopped it up put it in a big freezer bag and had what I need for Christmas dressing instead of having to go back to store and buying more..still got some left in freezer for seasoning other stuff.....hey don't laugh, it takes baby steps when you are as old as me and been wasteful for years.
A country girl can survive and I plan on surviving in this tight economy.
Now on a lighter note..I got some more pictures of my mystery (to me) bird, I was told it was a Blue bird, a baby Blue Jay or a Pine Wobbler..does anyone know for sure? I have looked it up and it doesn't look like any of these....I love his eyes...

This little feller is in Heaven, DH dropped a large bag of bird seed in the middle of the back yard and just decided to leave it for the birds to eat...
OK back to the organizing....Hope you all have a happy cutter free day.


  1. A couple of months ago I cut our home phone down to basically ring in/don't dial out. And if you do, it's a long distance call.

    I was scared to completely get rid of it right now because of all the horses. I probably will eventually.

    Sounds like a good plan to declutter, not waste and get organized.

  2. I know for sure and certain!!! Your bird is one of my faves - - - he's a Tufted Titmouse!

    They are related to Chickadees and are very quick, active little feeder visitors!

    You've captures some GORGEOUS pictures of him.

  3. Google Tufted Titmouse you'll see I'm right and learn lots about him!

  4. Thanks Keetha, I love this little feller...

  5. That's a very pretty bird - nice captures!

  6. Molly - we are doing the same thing here- to lighten the load and to simplify life.

  7. Hey Molly!

    I just love the pictures of the bird you took! I've seen them here in West Virginia at my feeders. I'm glad to hear that you figured out how to get rid of some bills that you didn't need!

    Happy New Year!


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