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Molly's Country Memories

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

I have been Blessed

What a wonderful Christmas I have had, I have been blessed, not with gifts and riches of a big home and lots of not with material things..but with the most precious gift of all. My wonderful family.
This year everyone was actually able to be at my house early and stayed late, no one was on call or had to work. We laughed, eat, shared stories of Christmas pass and simple enjoyed the greatest day of our year. The Birthday of Jesus our Lord. Ronnie and Mindy did leave early around 9 pm to make it home in time to go to Midnight Christmas Mass .
This year we had decided not to buy alot of gifts, just for the little children, so instead of our time being spent opening tons of gifts, that we would either have to exchange Monday or stick back in a drawer somewhere, we could spend the whole time just enjoying our time and eating way toooo had so wanted to get a whole family picture but that didn't 3 boys surprised DH and I with a new 46" flat screen TV and you might say everything stood still from then on was forgotten.
I did get separate family photos so maybe I'll merge them on PSE one day.
The first time in years I have been able to get DH to make a picture..I think he forgot how to
My oldest son Chuck, his wife Lori, and 2 children Moo Moo and Redman..we were blessed that his pain didn't start until late into the night..he tires out so fast, but we all enjoyed the time he was able to stay..
My Middle child Ronnie, Mindy and his son Keifer and their Baby Girl
Again with Hannah...Keifer's special lady..
last but not least my Baby Boy Lance and his wife TT..we all laughingly tell him if anything happens between them, she stays he you tell we love her to death...but then everyone who knows her loves her...
Keifer and Hannah, we are blessed to have such a sweet Christian girl in love with our Keiferman, they are both 21 now and have been a couple since they were 14..God sent her to him when he needed a friend most. He had moved to Richland away from all of his family and friends, when school was out in May, ....he had promised his Dad he would go to Richland with him & Mindy for 1 yr and if he didn't like it he could come back to his Mom's in Brookhaven, he met Hannah on a day he was really down and missing his family and not sure if he was even going to stay a month, much less a year, it was such a cute story..he had been up there for about 3 weeks, he walked to the softball field 2 blocks from their home, he didn't know anyone..he sat by himself..when he got up to leave, he heard someone say "hey boy, hey, hey you....what's your name, I'm you live around here" turns out, she lives 2 blocks from him in the same neighborhood, we knew after 3 weeks we'd never worry about him wanting to leave his Dad and come back to Brookhaven. Yes we believe Angels come in all forms.
Keifer laughs and says she was attracted to him cause he was the only boy in town taller than she was..he is 6' 2" and she's close behind
They are planning a wedding after she graduates Nursing School next year..he will enter Ole Miss in the fall to start Pharmacy School.
I am truly a Blessed Lady My family are my treasures...I hold them close, because I know how fast they can slip away. We have grieved for my Niece Kim, this week, it is the 3d Christmas without her precious face, her 4 girls are growing up so fast and are struggling to accept God calling her home, at 43.  This picture was taken 5 mos before she left us, Kim, her oldest Katie graduating High School and her Husband Kyle, her baby girl will turn 12 in Jan.. one graduates High school in May and one will graduate next May...
Though it is not for us to question why, we know God has a reason, we just know to hold our Dear ones close because you never know when you say good bye if it will be for the last time..
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and received all your wishes and wants, but remember the great gift is love...


  1. Good Morning-After-Christmas, Molly!!

    What a wonderful family, and what a wonderful holiday it must have been!! It's so nice to have everyone together and enjoying each other's company.

    I'm so glad to see faces-with-names, for you write about them all with such love and caring, and they certainly look like they return it completely.

    Hope Y'all are staying warm and well,


  2. Loved your news and family shots Molly. You have the right idea about what Christmas is all about~

  3. Loved your pictures and your right - enjoy the family now! sandie

  4. I'm glad that God has blessed you with such a wonderful family. They are all as beautiful as you. (my hubby doesn't know how to smile either)

  5. There's no greater blessing than to have your family all under one roof. I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas, Molly, and wish you and your family all good things in the coming year.


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