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Molly's Country Memories

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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Before and after the Rains came...

Good morning, it's time to join Macro Flower Saturday.

It was so dry this Summer, that even though I watered my plants everyday the leaves & Blooms where still covered with dust... 
I almost caught a little Bumble Bee eating breakfast 
Then the rains came, beautiful live giving water from above, everything was washed clean and you could smell the freshness in the air. 
If you look close you will see the little bug hiding inside the bud.... 
I just love how the raindrops glisten on the buds  


  1. Oh, the Cardinal in the SNOW!! What a great shot, and what a lovely header for this snow-filled day. We got only 1/2 inch last night, and are looking for the rest of the FOUR this afternoon.

    We're all battened down and closed in, cooking and getting ready for a Tea-Party tomorrow p.m., and it's nice to be inside doing such nice things on a blustery day.

    Your lilies are stunning, and I love how you always have a little bit of wildlife somewhere in the pictures, as if you live where the little creatures come right up to your lap and trust you as a friend.

  2. So lovely to see them all drenched.

  3. Off topic: I saw my first cardinal ever when we visited New York City last April. There was a cardinal in Central Park! As for your beautiful have captured all the beautiful phases.

  4. These flowers are so gorgeous! And what blessing to have 'natural water' from above!

  5. How I love that cardinal in the snow!



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