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Molly's Country Memories

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Thursday, December 09, 2010

How to spend your time..when you are sick...

OK, I have started getting cabin fever, I had the sinus crud a couple of weeks ago and thought I was better so I went to town last Fri...wrong..seems I've relapsed..but now it's all in my chest. I have not left this house or my recliner for 6 days..Shhh..I did slip out Tues and sat on the patio, it was just so pretty outside.
What have I been doing while down..well I did decorate the Christmas tree Sunday Morning at 2:30 cause I couldn't sleep...after all your body can stand just so much sleep...
2 weeks ago I purchased the new Photo Shop Elements 9, it is fantastic and so easy to I've  just been playing with it...Here are a few pictures I've done..TeeHee.. can you look at the progression of the photos and see what state of mind I am in right now.....
Started off soft and dreamy just relaxed, ok, I can handle this..feel too bad to do anything anyhow.

Talked on the phone a lot....

checked out some new photos my DIL took of my Rissa girl Isn't she so pretty

Then it got a little more confining so I went to fantasy
Leaf Fairy ..introducing Mini-Me Rissa

ok, as the week progressed along, I felt like I was fading away...becoming invisible

Yesterday I was to the point of wanting to escape, break out of the box..
and Run-n-n-n-n-n
Tuesday, even my little Lizard wanted to break away and

TODAY, well today the Dr sent me some new Meds yesterday and I feel all wavy and out of it..can we say this medicine surely has a close relative that the hippies used in the 60's wow..everything is weird looking.....
So I am going to go lay down and enjoy or NOT this feeling till it passes. Hope you all have a great day.


  1. Molly I'm so sorry to hear that you're not too well at the moment! Hope you're feeling better soon. Amazing pics :0) Your grand daughter is beautiful.

  2. Your TREE is gorgeous, and of course, your FAMILY just goes without saying---more and more every year.

    And I think that Down Time and a little Computer Therapy and some Photographicure are just what the system requires.

    We have pictures of all the Grandchildren with delicate Fairy-shaped ears. We're not going to say a word, just let THEIR Grandchildren discover them, and wonder . . .

  3. molly, I'm not too computer smart so just how easy is Photoshop? I've been dying to give it a whirl~

  4. I love your new pictures Molly. They are so different. I am so sorry you are sick again. I can't believe it. Get well soon.

  5. Sorry you feel bad.

    Good job on the photos.

    They are growing up so fast.


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