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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to paint a Snowman glass ....

I had planned to make a video of this but then I realized my camera is in Madison over 2 hrs much for videos, so I'm going to try to show you the best I only need 4 colors of paint and we will mix to make the colors we need...

You will need

1 stem wine glass

a small section of sponge ( just a small kitchen sponge is fine)

a small stencil brush,

a thin point black marker

a small liner brush and a #2 round brush

1 bottle of red acrylic paint

black acrylic paint

yellow acrylic paint

white acrylic paint.

a paper plate

water, you can use a pint jar

paper towels

Thanks Terry for reminding me to add....wash glass in warm soapy water, dry... and then before you start, wipe with alcohol to remove any oil from your hands or any soap residue. Next cut a small square from the sponge and wet it in the water make sure to squeeze as much water out as possible, then dip the sponge into the white paint
Just started dabbing the glass with the white paint, do not paint all the way to the top, you need to leave an area to drink from where there is no paint. It will take about 3 coats to cover it good. Be sure and let it dry for about an hour between each coat. Cover the stem and the foot of the glass also
Just a few ideas, but you can make any face you like on these.. use your imagination.

Once the base coat is dry, completely, totally dry, raw a face on the glass, I usually use the thin point black marker, that way I already have my black outline and all I have to do is fill in the color. Don't worry if your lines aren't exactly where you want them to be, like my left eye, I can straighten it up with a little white paint and redrawing the line.

On the paper plate put out a puddle of black and a puddle of white. Put out red and yellow. Use just a drop of the red in the yellow to make orange, mix and add colors untill you get desired orange, in another spot add a drop of red to the white to form pink. Using the round brush color book the eyes and mouth black..
Then using the round paint the nose orange.....
Pick up some of the pink on a dry stencil brush, wiping most of it off on a paper towel. Using a circular motion lightly touching the glass add the not rub hard or you'll lift the white off.
I took the liner brush and some black paint and straighten the messed up left eye and then filled in the upper eye section with white covering up the first line...wa-la..the mess up is gone...I used the liner brush and some white to draw a high lite line on the nose, added a comma stroke of white to the eyes and mouth and just a dot of white to the cheeks, add hat and he's done.You can add pine or holly leaves around the base if you like or add a ribbon. I filled mine with silver bells.
After your glass completely dries spray with a clear acrylic spray being care not to spray the rim of your glass. I usually cover the top part with masking tape while I spray the whole painted area.
Do not wash your glass in the dish washer or in hot soapy water, wipe the painted area with a damp cloth, the inside and rim can be washed with a hot soapy dish cloth..
I hope I didn't confuse anybody and you enjoyed my little how - to...


  1. Not confusing at all! Very clear instructions and nice photos! What a cute snowman on a stem!!! My daughter in law was helping paint some wine glasses for a wedding - this must be a popular idea. I had not heard of it before...they don't let me out much!

  2. Wonderful Molly! very clear indeed. Might I add that when you were teaching me you reminded me to make sure it was avery clean glass LOL ... and then before you start,maybe wiping down with alcohol for fingerprints etc helps too. Also ... when Molly says DRY she means give it time to dry ... not just barely dry to the touch :)
    .... this was even better than a video Molly!

    Terry S

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have great postings. Judanna

  4. The faces you paint are so cute! I am going to try your tutorial and going to be on the lookout for stemmed glasses...THANK YOU!

  5. Molly, I now know why they call you the QB!! This is a wonderful blog.....and you even gave us a lesson on hats!!! Thank you so much!!!

    Sylvia H

  6. LOL see above comment, grin
    you are great with anything you try, very good tutorial and so sweet of you to share all those great instuctions, thanks for taking the time to do the step setups for us. Love all your paintings and how you share with us all.
    Hugs to a great cyber friend


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