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Molly's Country Memories

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

He lives

He lives, he lives, Christ Jesus lives today,
he walks with me and talks with me upon life’s narrow way,
He lives, he lives salvation to impart…
you ask me how I know he lives, he lives with in my heart
For some reason this little song has been playing in my head over and over, for the last couple of week. I find myself singing it when I wake up and when I'm driving alone in the car. I felt it so strong that I placed it in my side bar last week, but today I felt drawn to post it up front and center.
Isn't it beautiful, doesn't it bring hope to you life? It does to mine.
May you have a blessed day and know that in our time of need and trouble "He lives"


  1. I do the same thing - doesn't it make you feel good when you have such positive warm songs going round in your head? My mom loved that song.

  2. This particular song sings in my head too quite often. It's one of my favs, and I grew up Catholic! We attended a Methodist church (my kids and I) while they were growing up and they got close to the other kids there. It a very, very, small congregation. That church has been closed for over a decade now.
    Anyway...that song does stay in one's head for some reason.

  3. Molly, this made me smile so brightly! I am a huge Believer in His Majesty and Love. ♥

  4. Amen!
    I just love to sing the old hymns!
    I listen to alot of Contemporary Christian music....but there;s just something *special*
    in those old songs from the hymn book to stir
    that joy in your heart for what He's done for of us!

    Thank you....

  5. The sacred is always inside our hearts ... nice sentiments (wish i knew the melody)

  6. Thank you for stopping by my have a very sweet, homey blog!


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