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Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday's Family Foto

Deborah over at is hosting Favorite Family Foto. You get to see lots of family photos, hop on over and check them out. This week my Favorite Family Foto is about my youngest Granddaughter Morgan Caroline,

This is my last Grand so next week my post will be much I wanted to tell each of their stories separately.

Morgan was born in 2001 and from the day she entered this world that beautiful smile was the first thing people noticed, she is always smiling, her nickname swiftly became Sunshine, smiley, Monkey and Moo-Moo and she'd answer all of them with a smile...

See how big and bright it is...

She loved playing with Granny's doll even when she knew she wasn't allowed and when you scolded her this was her reaction...:-)

She loved her Mollie goat, yea I said Molly, hummm..we won't go

Mollie thought she was a dog so no one has ever told her she wasn't.

She will sit at our fence and watch the neighbors cows for hours, she is our little animal lover. I missed her one day and this is where I found her..

She enjoys going to the Franklinton, LA Fair with her Bobby John, cause she gets to see all the animals

She loves to ride horses, she plans on being a Large Animal Vet, when she grows up...we'll see.

This is my favorite picture, they took this on the way home from a 3 day trip to New Orleans 3 yrs ago, just before Katina struck, they spent time at the Zoo , the Aquarium and took a Swamp tour, they said she was mesmerized by the Animals

She is our beautiful bundle of Sunshine...

She loved her cape I made for the wedding, but wanted it red, so she could play Little Red Riding Hood.

We call her our little Ellie Mae glamour girl, notice the bare feet, her favorite

She begged her Mom to let her try on her wedding Dress, one day when Lori was moving it from the closet to storage, she had to stand in a chair to keep it from dragging the floor. She's torn between Country and

She started Soft ball at age 6 and still plays, she was missing her 2 front teeth and the sun was in her eyes...

Last year 7 yrs old

She is also a Jr cheerleader for Brookhaven high School Panthers

She decided to start dance this year. She is perfect for it long tall and slim.

how if we can get the Tomboy to hide for awhile and let the little lady come

She received a guitar for Christmas so she is trying to learn to play, just doesn't want to practice.

But as much as she loves her Momma and daddy, who calls her "Ole Dumb headed girl" and her face just lights up when he does... she is first and foremost a Brother's Baby. They love each other to death and I pity the poor boy who ever tries to date her, with out Connor's approval,'s got to get past Daddy and Brother.Morgan is so full of live and so bubbly, but DH and I call her our revenge, she's the one, Daddy will be out at 2 in the morning looking for...she has her own mind.

Thanks for sharing my Special little ones with me. Grands are so special, I jokingly say if I'd know how great they were, I'd just skipped the kids and went for Grandkids first...I can spoil them and then send them home to Momma and Daddy.


  1. What a precious girl!
    She sounds alot like my DD!
    First said she wanted to be a vet.....for years she's said she wants to be a beautician and have her own shop....near her own home....:)

    Loved the "cow" picture best!
    How sweet of your Grand DD sitting there & taking it all in while the cows seem so unaffected by her being there.....
    Thanks for sharing!

    Oh....left you a comment under your comment on my last sure to go back and check...
    Thanks again....:)

  2. She is absolutely gorgeous! Loved all the pics .... she sure lives up to the smiley moniker :)
    I am sorry she is the last one ... this has been fun!

  3. What a doll she is! I can tell how very proud you are to be her grandmother! I'm sure the two of your are very tight.

  4. Very nice photos - Just love them! Esp the picture of Molly and Molly!

  5. What beautiful pictures,what lovely memories.I see you are featuring her,but they both are gorgeous kids.
    You probably don't know it yet,but I have a fetish for red hair.I finally married a redhead,now he's gone and turned grey on me,ha.
    As I was thinking this child is going to be a vet,you said it.Whether she does or not,she's at least enjoying some of God's greatest works...Ann

  6. HI!
    She's beautiful!! And she looks like she has lots of energy! Have a great day!!


  7. How precious she is! Looks like you are the best grandma a girl could have!

  8. Morgan Caroline is such a beautiful name...for such a beautiful girl! Your precioius granddaughter has been adorable at each stage in her life! I love the photo where Morgan is playing with your doll...she just made you laugh with that sweet smile, didn't she?


  9. Isn't she a doll. You all have certainly been enjoying her through the years! I love the little scrunchy baby smile toward the top. :o)

  10. What a sweetheart! Since I'm new to your blog, I enjoyed seeing your little granddaughter grow up through the pictures you shared! My son and his wife are having a baby in June and have chosen the name Morgan!
    Take care, Sue

  11. SHe sounds like a girl with a wonderful spirit for life!!! The picture of her with her brother is wonderful!

    take care,

  12. I found your Blog and love your post on the grandchildren. Aren't they wonderful and isn't being grandma fun? Yes, I would have had them first too.

    Love your music.

  13. What a beautiful granddaughter! Love the cape picture. You have a very pretty blog!

  14. She is a lovely little lady! I am willing to bet she will be a vet.

  15. First of all - I love her name!

    Isn't it something to see them growing up?
    Our granddaughter will be seven this year. I just told her yesterday that she is growing up so fast and she said, "Does it just make you want to cry, Grandma?" does she know?

    Your baby girl has a lot going on. She will be an interesting, well-rounded young woman soon. Good for her for trying all the good things.


  16. A beautiful post. Grandkids are the lights of our lives. What did we ever do before they came along?

    Enjoyed visiting your blog and hope you will stop by and visit me again soon. Thanks so much for your comments in Grandma's Kitchen.


  17. Loved the pictures of your granddaughter, Morgan! She is gorgeous at every stage! It's great that she has such a variety of interests. She's obviously such a joy for you. Blessings!

  18. I'm so glad I found your blog!! Your granddaugter is ...well, just precious! I love the look on her face after being scolded about playing with the doll! :-) And the one of her watching the cows...looks like a painting! Grands make earth seem more like Heaven don't they?! :-) Laura

  19. Hi Marjorie, I enjoyed your post here about your granddaughter - she's just beautiful....and oh the beautiful hair!
    Hugs, Karen

  20. I can see why you would call Morgan "smiley", her smile is infectous! I love the pic of her sitting by the fence with the cute! You are a very lucky woman to have such great grankids!


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