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Molly's Country Memories

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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Simple Woman's Day Book

FOR TODAY Monday 3/23/2009
Outside my window...
The sun is rising over the barn, the pasture has turned a bright beautiful green, and my Wisteria is in full bloom looking like large bunches of grapes, the peach trees are dressed in pink and the pear trees are wearing their best spring white.
It is a beautiful day God has made.

I am thinking...
Today is going to be a beautiful spring day and I am going to enjoy it to the fullest. I sure miss Marissa. Enjoyed last week with her

I am thankful for.
The beautiful Spring weather and. The time I got to spend with my little Marissa last week. She is growing up so fast.

From the kitchen...
for breakfast it’s hot coffee, blueberry pancakes and bacon.
For supper, smoked chicken, German potato salad and baked beans, grilled fresh pineapple slices, home made rolls and of course sweet ice tea…

I am wearing….
blue jeans shorts, grey T-shirt and white socks…..

I am going…
to do a lot of yard work and house cleaning this week. Didn’t do much last week, played with my baby girl more than I worked and enjoyed every minute of it

I am creating...
I am painting again hoo-ray, I am working on a red and white bread box with …..what else …Roosters. Also have several items base coated, need to make a special baby shower gift.

I am reading...
my blogs that I enjoy reading, you can learn so much, from so many talented and loving people..

I am hoping...
to get a lot done this week, and that maybe I can get back to a more steady routine..

I am hearing...
Outside the cars whizzing by, school’s open this morning, Spring break is
over, Blue Jays squalking. Inside Chi-Chi snoring and the soft hummmm of the computer.

Around the house...
clothes need washing, floors need sweeping as usual, and I NEED to get back to painting, but first a clean house.

One of my favorite things...
the fresh smell after a spring rain……

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Need to clean house good today, Have to make my bread tomorrow and run to Dr’s office and pick up new glasses and do my grocery shopping, pay bills, Weds. Make freezer meals for this month, Base coat more items if it’s pretty, and maybe paint a little. Thurs .well we’ll play it by ear the rest of the week.
Picture Thought for the day....
Isn't it comforting to know that no matter what your doing even if no one else sees you, God is always watching.
Hope you have a great day. don't forget to check out the other daybooks for today


  1. Hi, your post each week on the day book is always so calming. It's like you have every thing in order, planned, and taking time to enjoy each moment. I may have to just start following your day book for myself. The way you write it makes it seem so easy!

  2. The daybook entries are among my favorites ... you are soo way ahead of us down South when it comes to Spring. I am cold today ... and so missing flowers ... needed to her about the world outside your window :)

  3. Morning girl....I loved this is like you take us right where you are and it is music to my soul...loved it! Have a great week my friend!

  4. Again, a very peaceful posting today!

  5. Your food sounds so yummy!! Have a blessed day!

  6. Molly,
    you are so right...there are so many talented bloggers out there. I am so glad that in some small way I can be connected to them via the internet.

    I agree with you on your beverage choice...sweet iced tea is the way to go!

  7. I've so enjoyed reading your daybook today. Your descriptions just painted a picture in my mind of those peach trees dressed in their pink. Ahhh ...

    Then I read about your grilled pineapple and blueberry pancakes and now I'm as hungry as can be. LOL

    Blessings, Lea

  8. Your Day Book entry is the highlight of each Monday in my blog world. I just love to read your thoughts and opinions and the happenings at your house!

    I like that cute "Don't Look" picture. I guess God sees me eating this whole bag of Doritos while I'm surfing the Internet!!!


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