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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Friday's Family Foto

Deborah over at is hosting Favorite Family Foto. You get to see lots of family photos, hop on over and check them out.
This week I'd like to tell you a story about a young couple that met and married many years ago........
Many, many years ago in about 1934 a young man named

Otis Carl Barlow
met and fell in love with a beatiful young lady named
Sara Lorriane Pevey,
in Brookhaven, MS, He was a Crew Leader at the CCC Camp in Lorman, the world was in a depression much like the one we are headed for now. They were married and lived happly for several years, in a small house near the railroad track, first they had a beautiul Daughter

Shirley Ann born on Oct. 23, 1936,
Shirley was an Angel who needed special care, 5 yrs later another girl came along on Sept. 20 1941, Mary Dean named after both Grandmothers. War was looming with Pearl Harbor just months away. Things got tight so they moved to New Orleans trying to find a better life. In 1943 their last Daughter, Marjorie Carolyn was born...Me. Marjorie & Dean
Sadly the big city went to a little Country Boy's head and the night life and the fun took him away from the family he had promised to love forever, 6 yrs later. I do believe in his heart he still loved us, he really tried to get Mom to come back, but he didn't want to change. I just feel sorry for him

because he missed out on this great family and secondly because he died on a Street in New Orleans walking back to his apartment where he lived alone, after picking up his check at the Service Station where he worked. He died from heart failure at age 61, brought on by the Asian Flu, in 1975. And this is just my Family Dean had 3 children and 4 Grands, plus 1 GGD. So sad what some people will throw away for their idea of fun and "the good, free life". Hope you enjoyed meeting my Daddy and Momma and my sweet sisters.


  1. Sad, sad about your father's choice not to be part of such a loving family. But it was delightful to see your mother and your sisters. The picture of you and Dean is priceless.

  2. Beautiful pictures. So sad to hear about your Dad's choice in life. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yes ... we all want the same thing .... just to be happy. And what a mess some of us make in the trying *sigh*

    Lovely pics!

    Terry S

  4. A sad story, but also a wonderful one, and a good reminder to all about the importance of family, and 'family first'! Beautiful photos!

  5. Yep, it is sad, not only did he cheat himself out of having the love of family surrounding him, (and what a WONDERFUL family it is!) but he cheated all of us out of having the opportunity to love him up close and personal. Our choices don't always effect only us!!! they certainly do effect others. Even sadder than that is when people will throw away their soul and relationship with the Lord Jesus in order to fulfll their own desires - that are momentary. Sorry, I guess the "preach" in me had to come out. Love ya!!

  6. Thank you for sharing your family stories and photos. So sad about your Dad. It is so sad to look back and see how wrong choices can make for sad endings. Have a lovely weekend! ((Hugs))

  7. It is so sad the things we have to go thru.but if we didn't we would not be the people we are today.I know that so well.but like you I wish things could've and would've been different....Ann

  8. A wonderful story with wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing, Sue

  9. Hi!
    Beautiful family! The photos are great! Have a great day!!


  10. Thank you for sharing, not only your pictures with us, but your heart, as well. So sorry for what happened with your dad, but you sure have a beautiful family! Have a good one!

  11. He did miss out on a lot, didn't he? Thank you for the photos and for the story.

  12. Sorry I'm so late.
    Some make wrong choices for sure.
    Your family looks happy and beautiful.
    Happy FF and it's nice to meet you.
    Love Claudie

  13. Such a touching story with wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing part of your life.

  14. I like the way you tell a story. All stories aren't happy, but many have happy endings in spite of those who cause unhappiness. I'm sorry for your dad and I'll bet he realized he made the wrong decision before the end.

    Beautiful family!


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