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Molly's Country Memories

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Dentist visit

Just wanted to drop a note and let y'all know I did make it to the Dentist, of course I didn't want to hear what he had to say, even though I knew it before he said it. Mr. Nobe (that's all that was left) had to go. No saving it. It seems decay had slipped into the tooth under my expensive crown.. and had cause the tooth to decay clear to the root without us even knowing it. Sneaky little bugger. More bad news the two teeth on either side both with crowns, was gone too no saving them. But they could wait till next week, now to get to work on the big problem...we had to pull this one, but no it couldn't be that easy, 2 1/2 hrs later and 6 stitches I was on my way home with one heck of a tooth ache, antibiotics and pain pills plus 1 big decision to make. And it will cost me right at $6,000. OK Picket looks like I am going to have to put a panty on my head and rob that I will be hiding in the house for the next 3 weeks. With 2 front teeth missing. I'll even scare the Easter Bunny away. Hey maybe I should tell the Bunny that all I want for Easter is my two front
I'm headed to bed my pain meds have me loopy...giggle no telling what I'll say if I keep typing. Ohhh, it even hurts to smile..


  1. Ouch! That's painful on more than one count.

  2. Oh Molly what rotten news. That is awful. The pain and trouble of it all plus the expense. The $6000 makes me feel weak all the way over here in Texas.

    Don't feel bad about the missing teeth, hold yer head up girl, you're still darling.

    Keep taking those pain pills, don't let the pain get settled in because few things are more bothersome than mouth pain. Eat some applesauce with the pain pills don't take them on an empty stomach.

    Dang it!!! Wish it hadn't happened!!! Hang in there.

  3. Oh Molly!
    I'm sure sorry for all your troubles!
    Bless you heart....I know it's a Southern thing to say but I really mean it!
    I sure hope you will be pain free and feeling much better soon!
    You are such a sweet person and I enjoy your posts so much!
    Doggone it.....I sure do feel for ya!


  4. I am so sorry for the toothache, Molly. That's terrible. Toothaches affect everything in the mouth, face, head, neck and I can't stand them. But you got me so excited. I finally found someone within driving distance from us. Oh please let me know next time you visit our town. We should meet!...Christine

  5. Sorry to hear your bad news - It's worse than what I thought it would be - poor dear! Good advice about not taking pain pills on an empty stomach - don't forget that - even if you just have a milkshake! You don't want to be sick as a dog to boot! Take care!

  6. Hope your feeling better real soon.

  7. Heckadoodle Molly....what rotten luck!
    A $6,000 dental bill would make my Jim give me a puppy shot fast and quick! I'm thinkin' panties over your head is a good idea for your "quick" stop at the 7-11~~
    Oh my....hope you aren't too miserable.
    Nuttin' worse than oral pain.
    Well...maybe the $6,000 bill......yikes!
    Will think good thoughts...maybe your bread box will go that high????

  8. Oh.........I am soooooo sorry on BOTH counts....the pain in the mouth AND the pain in the pocketbook. YIKES. I hate spending money on that kind of thing. It's a lot like new's not like you can go around telling everyone......"look what I just got"......although, if you don't have any teeth, I suppose folks just may notice?? :-)

    Thanks so much for coming to my aid with my bloggie trouble. After I spent HOURS meddling with the darn thing, I finally re-loaded Firefox and Voila' all works. I think I had a glitch. I could actually load from IE, so I was going to just remove Firefox, but it wouldn't let me. I'm just not a techie.


    PS.....I hope you feel better soon. I think tooth and ear pain are the worst. It's my theory that the pain message doesn't have very far to go to reach the brain. :-)

  9. I hate seeing the dentist. So sorry about losing your teeth. When you're feeling better I have an honest scrap award for you on my blog.


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