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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'mmmmmm back...or at least part of me....

Hoo-Ray, I decided this morning, when Marissa asked me to paint her Barbie bench for her that it was time to start painting again. Painting is my first love, always has been and always will be...
I was just lost for awhile.
I usually do my base painting on saw horses out in the back yard when it is pretty and warm, well today was just such a day. The bright sunshine lifted my spirits so I decided...why not base coat some items to paint this weekend just in case the rain moves back in, it is predicted too. Of course I'll paint her little bench before she goes home. Here are a few items I'm working on.
I plan on painting the bread box and cake cover which are both enamel,...white with red trim, inspired by a post over at
SueLovesCherries at My Secret Garden this morning. The bench will of course be painted with pink and purple Barbie written on it. And the black grease can will have a white checkerboard with a white Rooster head on it. It will also have the same little red knob on top that came on it..
Question should I paint cherries , apples or my Rooster, hen and biddies on the breadbox and cake/pie cover?


  1. Oh no, that's too hard to choose! Your chickens are DEELIGHTFULL...but the cherries and apples...hmmm those sound so pretty too, anything you paint you do such a good job on it!!! All of them sound like they will look so fresh and cheerful.

  2. Whoo Hoo! So HAPPY to see you painting again! Do one of each ... I love all your stuff. Can't wait to see you bring them to life! Doesn't a sunny day just raise your spirits :)
    Many Hugs


  3. I think Cherries and Apples take my vote! I love everything!

    Love, Joy


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