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Molly's Country Memories

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Monday, March 09, 2009

Pressure washing and shrimp boil got to love the South...

Hilda ain't got nothing on me.....I've been a busy little (ok, ok, big) lady today.
I just want y'all to know there isn't a bone or muscle in my body that doesn't ache. They are screaming dummy don't you know your tooo old for this, and I say your only as old as you feel, and my body screams well I feel like you are 115
I finally got my patio pressure washed it looks so nice. Now I need to get the flower beds redone, got some of it cut back and will be shopping for flowers and bark tomorrow. Also want to get about 4 new ferns for the patio and for my wire Roosters in the front. I'm planning on moving them back to the patio, I also want to get some more bird houses and wind chimes.
This is what it looked like before the cleaning...winter has been hard on it this year.....
So much nicer after a good bath, you can see behind the chimney how the beds are cleaned out. All this cold weather and snow has killed my pretty little miniature Azaleas
Here are the Roosters I want to put back on the patio with ferns in them,
We enjoyed our patio tonight we cooked the shrimp, potatoes and corn in the fish fryer and ate outside, it was so beautiful sitting out in the fresh spring air. Now in this part of the country we have to enjoy it before June gets here, because by then it's so hot you can have a heat stroke just thinking about the outside.... . Only problem I had tonight setting out there was the stupid mosquitoes, their back already and acting like kamikaze dive bombers.

My Miniature Azaleas that survived the freeze
Large Azalea in front yard just starting to bud out.
My Iris in back by my Real canning Pear tree.
Blooms on my canning Pear tree it was soon be full of Pears
My Bradford Pears in full bloom.
I really don't know what this is called but it is taller than my house and in a week will be in full bloom. Hope you've enjoyed the little stroll around my yard. Hopefully it will soon be all in blooms and green grass.


  1. Hey girl...the patio looks great....I love it when Bill pressure washers our porches and my wicker..makes everything look like new...loved the azaleas aren't blooming yet but my bradford pears are starting to turn white and my thrift is solid blanket of purple...that last bush you showed I believe is a loropedalum....I have several of them and I keep them trimmed back to bush size every year....they can get huge! lol

    The weather has been great here also but so far no no bugs...I've got to get some ferns for the porches also...I always love ferns on a porch.

    Thanks so much for coming by....I love teasing Sherry like that...she is such a sweetie...take care and have a great week....oh you said you have a canning pear you make your own pear grandmother use to make them all the time and my dad loved them...I'd pay good money for a jar of those! lol

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my site today and especially thank you for leaving a comment. It's always fun to make new blogging friends!

    Seeing your beautiful yard in bloom makes me want to get outside and get my hands dirty. I love working in the yard...and I love hosing down the patio. We've never power washed it, that may just be a job we need to do soon.

    Take care and have a great week!

  3. When I see your flowers and trees in bloom, my mouth falls open in awe. We won't see anything like this until May! Wow...there's hope!
    Love those roosters...such a nice patio too.
    Looks like you use them all when your family and friends come sit a spell. I'm so jealous that you're so far ahead of us!

  4. thank you for the showing us around Molly!!

  5. How I envy you that the weather in your part of the country is warm. I'd love to clean our patio but it would turn into an ice skating rink.

  6. You have a beautiful yard--it's so nice to see plants flowering already. It's a bit too early to clean the yard and patio yet here--we'll likely get more snow.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I hope you have a great week☺

  7. Sure is pretty out there where you are! Yesterday we had weather nice enough to go for a walk - so I took pics for my posting then. Today, it is dark and rainy, and snow predicted for the rest of the week! How depressing! So it's great to see pictures like yours and know we'll get there sometime too!

  8. LOVED to all this stuff in bloom! And the patio! It looks brand new ... Wow!

    And here's a weird thing I read .....
    "You are going to laugh at this, but it does work. Fill clear plastic bags with water and tie them up around the yard or patio. Flies don’t come around and mosquitoes don’t like it either. Flies have a compound eye. They see the reflections of the bag and think that it might be a predator so they stay away."

    ... maybe worth a try ????

  9. You sure can tell you're from down south. I can't believe all those flowers are already in bloom. I was just outside and I saw my lily's popping up out of the ground and my bleeding heart just starting to show and I'm thinking, oh no, it's way too soon.

  10. Yer yard is so pretty, Molly! Those roosters are the cutest things. The patio looks new now!!!

    Hope those aches and pains from overdoing it soon let up -- do what I do, get out that heating pad!!!


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