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Molly's Country Memories

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The rest of my junkin' treasures.....

After Dean & I left the first store we headed down the street to another Antique Mall, this is one of my favorites, they usually have lots of good junk here, there are about 25-30 different booths some old stuff and of course some made in China stuff. It was warm all morning and over cast, but when we got to the store you could tell it was going to rain and it did, for about 15 mins we had a steady down pour and much like a summer day in the south as soon as it stopped it got hot and humid, reminded me of New Orleans, where you could go in a building and the sun be shining bright and come out in 20 mins and the sun still be shining but everything is wet and stream is coming off the side walk. typical southern SUMMER day. But this is spring and in the next few days we have 40 degree weather again. Did someone mention Global Warming????
Any hoooo
I found several things here that I wanted, I found a copper or should I say copper coated canister set, does anyone have a good recipe to clean copper? If I can't get it cleaned I'll just paint it red and put Roosters on it and put them on Ebay. They were $5.00. The tea canister even had a dozen tea bags in
I also found thispair of scales there, will probably paint them for Ebay one day, into my stash they go.....

I found these at another TS we went to, By now I'm getting tired and Dean and I are getting silly, I'm not sure which store these came from, I think from the Good Well store where they had the 50's Doo-Wop music playing, Anyone Remember in the Still of the Night or Little Darling, Peggy Sue, Red Sails in the Sun Set...oh what sweet memories.....we got to giggling and humming & loving the music, one Clerk, said she remembered most of this music cause her Mom always listened to the Oldies but Goodies at night while she cleaned up their house,
Dean laughed and told her we remember the original, cause we helped make it popular....We left there very happy ladies cause we really went back in time, when we used to dance in the living room to that music....Did any of you ladies ever do that, turn on the radio and dance with your Sister to the music you loved.....or was it a 50's thing.
OK I remember where this little Demitasse cup came from, it was hiding in the cabinet with my prize bowl I showed y'all earlier. It had made in Japan on the bottom with some Japanese writing under it. Mom used to have a large collection of these little beauties, I paid to much for it, $8.00 but how much is too much to pay for a memory.

Dean and I left that store and headed home, but not before I stopped at a favorite store, and visited with My Keifer's older half Sister, Ronnie helped raise her till he and her Mom split, we loved her alot, I try to see her ever time I go to McComb, she's such a sweet girl she still calls me Granny Smith she was only 2 when they married and was 11 when they divorced, she's now 22, my these children grow up so fast. On the way home I bought Oysters to fix for supper and DH and I sure enjoyed them, we eat part raw with crackers and lemon juice and I fried the rest. And we talked about how much fun it used to be to go to Serio's and eat them.
And that was our trip for this week. Before our next trip I'm going to make us a Doo-wop CD to listen to in the car and maybe we won't be so silly in the ONLY LIVE ONCE enjoy it.


  1. I'm gonna come down there and kick your butt for gettin' all this dandy stuff at such a steal! I'm up north, being jealous, and feeling totally left out of so much fun!!!

  2. I love '50's music, and I remember all of those. BTW, that copper cannister set reminds me of coppertone appliances. My mother had a coppertone range and vent hood. It was all the latest thing when she bought them. Sort of like stainless is now.

  3. I love those candle holders! Although, I was born in the 70's my soul sure came from the 50's. :)

  4. Making a CD of the 50's music is such a good idea! You and yer sister will enjoy it fer sure.

    I remember those New Orleans downpours. The humidity afterwards felt like someone holding a wet sponge on you. Farmers Almanac is predicting a very scorching summer for ye over there in Mississippi and eastwards, Molly, hope it's wrong.

  5. How wonderful to hear you had a fun day with Dean! And yes, those are my tunes too and so remember dancing with my Sis (and hours in the basement learning lines dances too LOL)
    I used to go to herb fairs with my Mom, and they had little tables set up with organic treats and herb tea (and then you could buy your teacup and saucer!)
    I still have 2 of them ... you're so right, you can't pay too much for a memory :)


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